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Lamborghini is an Italian brand of cars. The headquarters are located about an hour south of Rome. It was formed in 1961 when a rich Italian was disappointed about the Italian race cars and wanted to build cars how he believes they were supposed to be built. He debuted with a series of roadsters with large engines and lots of horsepower. They generated a lot of excitement at auto shows.

 In about 1971 Lamborghini and an Italian designer created the Countach, an Italian slang word which means astonishment and surprise when confronted by something great or astounding. It is now considered one of the most memorable sports cars of all time. The wide and low shape will soon become what most people imagine when they think of Lamborghini. 

Then in 1991 came the Diablo which was made with the help of Chrysler designers (Chrysler owned Lamborghini for a short period of time). By retaining the Countach's successful shape, It didn't look a lot different from it's predecessor. Lamborghini continued to modify the Diablo gradually by increasing the horsepower a little.

Today Lamborghini is considered to be a major maker of sports cars. There is no end in sight for the great supercars this company makes,. However, Diablo is going to be discontinued in 2005 or so. It will then be replaced by a competitor of the Ferrari's Modena.    

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