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Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper was introduced in 1993 and it was a huge hit. It has devilishly pretty styling and tons and tons of power made it a classic. It's a front-engine, rear wheel drive coupe, which is not very original, but it's raw, stone-cold ultra-solid power and it's unforgettable styling is what made this car a success. It was intended to be the American super car, and it sure proved to be one. With an acceleration of 4.2 seconds and 8.0 liters worth of the glory that is expressed as a V12 engine and nothing but 400 horsepower, this car was honored, admired, and respected by top car experts.

People like this car for it's simplicity in interaction between driver and machine. All of it's European and Japanese rivals had traction control, turbo, and other flashy gadgets and gizmos. This car however, is just 4 wheels, a humongous engine, some seats, and a piece of sheet metal. And now in 2000, it still looks as good as if though it is a concept car. There is going to be a redesign in 2001.