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Bmw X-Coupe

We are talking about the BMW X Coupe. Based on the platform of the BMW X5 SUV, it is the newest in a series of Coupe/SUV/4WD concepts that have been introduced lately- the latest one being Audi Steppenwolf that was shown in the 2000 Paris Motor Show.

It is powered by BMW's 3.0 litre Diesel engine producing 193 hp and 450 Nm of torque. The power is driven to all 4 wheels via a 5 speed Steptronic transmission with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifts.

The importance of this concept is in the fact that it seems to steer BMW in a new design direction. Designers have used what they like to call "Flame Surfacing" to come up with the shape of the X Coupe. This basically means that they were inspired by the shapes of flames.

Other interesting features include headlights that swivel to match steering input and variable intensity braking lights which indicate how hard the X Coupe's driver is braking.