Lutheran Church Bodies in North America

If a church bodys name appears in black, this means that it does not have a formal fellowship relationship with other Lutheran church bodies in the United States or Canada. The names of church bodies that do have a formal fellowship relationship with each other appear in the same color (other than black).

International ecclesiastical affiliations are indicated as follows:
CELC: Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference
ILC: International Lutheran Council
LWF: Lutheran World Federation

Alliance of Renewal Churches
American Association of Lutheran Churches (ILC)
Apostolic Lutheran Church of America
Association of Confessional Lutheran Churches
Association of Free Lutheran Congregations
Association of Independent Evangelical Lutheran Congregations
Augsburg Lutheran Churches
Augustana Catholic Church
Augustana Orthodox and Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Auneslaiset (Laestadian/Apostolic Lutheran; not formally organized)
Canadian Association of Lutheran Congregations
Church of the Lutheran Brethren of America
Church of the Lutheran Confession
Concordia Lutheran Conference
Conservative Lutheran Association
Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church Abroad (LWF)
Evangelical Catholic Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (LWF)
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - Eielsen Synod
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (LWF)
Evangelical Lutheran Conference and Ministerium
Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America
Evangelical Lutheran Synod (CELC)
Fellowship of Evangelical Lutheran Churches
General Conference of Evangelical Protestant Churches
General Lutheran Church
Illinois Lutheran Conference
Independent Lutheran Church of America
Independent Lutheran Diocese
Laestadian Lutheran Church
Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Abroad) (LWF)
Lutheran Church - Canada (ILC)
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (ILC)
Lutheran Church - International
Lutheran Churches of Calvary Grace
Lutheran Churches of the Reformation
Lutheran Conference of Confessional Fellowship
Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ
Lutheran Ministerium and Synod - USA (ILC)
Lutheran Orthodox Church
Missionary Lutheran Church
North American Lutheran Church
Orthodox Lutheran Confessional Conference
Protéstant Conference (Lutheran)
Reformation Lutheran Conference
United Lutheran Mission Association (not formally organized as a synod)
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (CELC)

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