Revolutionary War Ancestors of Carol Ruth Wimble (Webber)


09-298. Henry HESS, b 1730, d 25 Feb 1810: Campbell’s 1st Regt Tryon Co (NY) Militia, Klock’s 2nd Regt Tryon Co (NY) Militia

09-302. Dirk HEMSTREET / HEEMSTRAAT, b 1740: Van Schoonhoven’s 12th Regt Albany Co (NY) Militia, Schuyler’s 3rd Regt Albany Co (NY) Militia (Ensign)

07-80. James WHITNEY: Gardner’s / How’s 4th Regt Middlesex Co (MA) Militia, Jackson’s Regt Continental Infantry (MA), Jackson’s 16th Regt MA Line

08-158. Caleb BUGBEE, b 15 Mar 1746, d 24 Sep 1821: 11th Regt CT Militia (Sergeant)

08-168. Benjamin STUBBS, b 1 May 1746: Cumberland Co (MA) Militia, MA Line

08-172. John DAY, b 23 Jan 1730: Mitchel’s 2nd Regt Cumberland Co (MA) Militia

08-176. James CROCKER, b 4 Aug 1747, d 1816: Huntington’s Regt CT Militia; Norwich (CT) Veteran Guards

08-182. Samuel BUCK, b 1730: Humphrey’s 2nd Battalion of Waterbury’s Brigade CT Line (Granger’s Company)

08-184. Benjamin ROBINSON, b 24 Apr 1749, d 5 Mar 1833: Chapman’s 22nd Regt CT Militia, Bradley’s 5th Regt CT Line

08-186. Nathan FELLOWS, b 23 Sep 1748, d 25 May 1833: NH Line (Greene’s Company)

09-372. Varney FELLOWS, b 11 Jul 1724, d 4 Oct 1820: Huntington’s Regt CT Militia

08-188. John ATWELL, b 1736, d 31 Jan 1820: Hillsboro Co (NH) Militia

08-190. Robert HUNKINS, b 14 Jan 1738, d 1 Apr 1818: Olcott’s Regt VT Militia (Lieutenant), Bedel’s Regt VT Militia (Captain)

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