Ministerial Ancestors of David Jay Webber

01-1. (David) Jay WEBBER. Lutheran. Pastor, Scriptural Evangelical Lutheran Ch. of Cape Girardeau / Randol Twp MO, 1988-90; Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Ch. of Brewster MA, 1990-97; Overseas Coordinator, Saint Sophia Ukrainian Lutheran Theological Seminary of Ternopil’ UKRAINE, 1995-97; Rector, Saint Sophia Ukrainian Lutheran Theological Seminary of Ternopil’ UKRAINE, 1997-2005; Pastor, Redeemer Lutheran Church of Scottsdale AZ, 2005-present. Author.

11-1248. Johannes ROHRBACH, b 1661, d Sep 1710. Lutheran. Minister in GERMANY (place unknown). Immigrated to New York; died soon after arrival.

12-2404, 13-5230. James FITCH, b 24 Dec 1622, d 18 Nov 1702. Congregationalist. Pastor, 1st Congregational Ch. of Old Saybrook CT, 1646-60; Pastor, 1st Congregational Ch. of Norwich CT, 1660-1702; Missionary to Mohegan Indians; Chaplain of CT Militia during King Philip’s War, 1676. Author. “He was a man, for penetration of mind, solidity of judgment, devotion to the sacred duties of his office, and entire holiness of life, as also for skill and energy in preaching, inferior to none.”

13-4874. Peter FOULGER, b 1618, d 1690. Congregationalist, Baptist, Quaker. Missionary to Indians on Martha’s Vineyard, 1656-61; Missionary to Indians on Nantucket; leader of Quaker congregation of Nantucket MA. Author. Advocate of religious toleration. “A godly, learned Englishman.”

13-5522. Samuel STOW, b 1624, d 8 May 1704. Congregationalist. Pastor, 1st Congregational Ch. of Middletown CT, 1653-60; Pastor, 1st Congregational Ch. of Simsbury CT, 1680-86. The records of the Particular Court of Connecticut, for 1657, report that one “John Hall did reproach Mr. Stow, by saying, that hee was a pestilent person, a plague to the place, and that what hee preached was not woorth hearing. Whereuppon the court doth censure the said Hall to bee publickly reproved by the Magistrate at the next lecture at Wethersfield and to find suretyes for his good behavior.” In Middletown “opposition to him had been growing for some time, which culminated [in 1659] in petitions to General Court, from him and his opponents. The Court authorized the town to employ some other minister, but gave him permission to preach to those who cared to hear him.”

13-7224. Edward WOOLLEY / WOLLEY, b 1585, d 25 Jun 1628. Anglican. Vicar, St. Mary’s Ch. of Crich (Derbyshire) ENGLAND, 1616-1628.

14-9622, 14-9626, 15-20926. Robert PECK, b 1580, d 10 Apr 1658. Anglican, Congregationalist, Anglican. Curate, Ch. of St. Peter and St. Paul of Oulton (Norfolk) ENGLAND, 1605; Rector, St. Andrew’s Ch. of Hingham (Norfolk) ENGLAND, 1605-38; Teacher, 1st Congregational Ch. of Hingham MA, 1638-41; Rector, St. Andrew’s Ch. of Hingham (Norfolk) ENGLAND, 1646-58. In 1622 he was charged with having “infected the parish with strange opinions as not to kneel when they come to church, that the name of Jesus is no more than a common name and that it is superstitious to bow at the name of Jesus.” He was “suspended and excommunicated” in 1636; was “threatened with action by the Court of High Commission”; and was deprived of his living for “nonresidence” in 1638. “He was a zealous Puritan, and through his influence a number of his parishioners became Nonconformists and emigrated to New England.” “He was by the good providence of heaven fetched away into New England about the year 1638, when the good people of Hingham did rejoice in the light for a season; but within two or three years, the invitation of his friends of Hingham, England, persuaded him to return to them, where being thought great in person for stature, yet greater for spirit, he was greatly serviceable for the good of the church.”

14-9640. William PRATT, b 1562, d 1629. Anglican. Rector, St. Nicholas’s Ch. of Stevenage (Hertford) ENGLAND, 1598-1629.

14-9756. Christopher YONGES / YOUNGE, b 1568, d 14 Jun 1626. Anglican. Vicar, Ch. of St. Margaret of Antioch of Reydon & St. Edmund’s Ch. of Southwold (Suffolk) ENGLAND, 1611-26. During his vicariate his parish “enjoyed an evangelical ministry.” His epitaph in Southwold reads: “A good man full of faith was hee / Here preacher of Gods word / And manie by his ministrie / Were added to the Lord. Acts ii 24.”

14-10702. Robert CHAMBERLAYNE, d 31 May 1639. Anglican. Curate, St. Mary Magdalene’s Ch. of Wardington (Oxfordshire) ENGLAND, 1606-12 (probably longer); Curate, St. Nicholas’ Ch. of Strood (Kent) ENGLAND, 1612-39.

14-10828, 15-20902. Joseph HULL, bp 24 Apr 1596, d 19 Nov 1665. Anglican, Congregationalist. Curate & Teacher, St. Andrew’s Ch. of Colyton (Devon) ENGLAND, St. Mary Magdalene’s Ch. of Monkton (Devon) ENGLAND, & St. Michael’s Ch. of Shute (Devon) ENGLAND, 1619-21; Rector, St. Giles’s Ch. of North Leigh (Devon) ENGLAND, 1621-32; Curate, Ch. of St. Aldhelm and St. Eadburgha of Broadway (Somerset) ENGLAND, 1633-35; Pastor of an independent congregation in Weymouth MA, 1635-39; Pastor of an independent congregation in Beverley [Bass River] MA, 1637-38; Pastor of an independent congregation in Barnstable MA, 1639; Pastor, 2nd Ch. of Yarmouth MA, 1641; Pastor of an independent congregation on the Isles of Shoals ME, 1641-43; Pastor of an independent congregation in York ME, 1643-47; Vicar, St. Mary Magdalen’s Ch. of Launceston (Cornwall) ENGLAND, 1648-56; Rector, St. Buryan’s Ch. of St. Buryan (Cornwall) ENGLAND, 1656-62; Pastor, 1st Congregational Ch. of Durham [Oyster River] NH, 1662; Pastor, 1st Congregational Ch. of Isles of Shoals ME, 1662-65. “Joseph developed a pattern of being in trouble with the church authorities. In 1629, the wardens of Crewkerne [Joseph’s hometown in Somerset] were ‘presented’ for allowing him to preach there without signing the Book of Strange Preachers. He was cited for illegal preaching at January 1635. He allegedly preached a sermon at Glastonbury, in which he was quoted as saying that ‘judgment hung over the land and that first it would fall on the clergy and then the laity.’ On 17 February 1635, he was actually expelled from the Church of England, not for the preaching as such, but for ‘failing to respond to the court’s citation.’ On 26 March 1635, he left for the New World.” “He...was in antagonism to the Boston Puritanical Party, retaining his attachment for the old establishment. He was the political and religious opponent of Governor Winthrop, being more than suspected of Prelacy.” “Sometime between March 1647 and January 1648/9, he and [his wife] Agnes and some of the children returned to England. ... In 1656 (April 11), he became Rector (or possibly Dean) at St Buryan, Cornwall (near Lands End). He did have some trouble with Quakers there. In 1659, George Fox, the Quaker apostle, visited Lands End, and wrote a paper addressed to priests and justices, containing some uncomplimentary remarks addressed specifically to ‘Priest Hull’: ‘Priest Hull, are these thy fruits? Hast thou taught the people no better manners and conversation, who are so brutish and heathenish? And Priest Hull, have people spent their money upon thee for that which is no bread? All such teachers that make a trade of the Scriptures, we utterly deny, who own Christ, and are come off from your steeple-houses.’ ... The Restoration of Charles II (1660) brought with it the restoration of the priest who had previously been in charge of St Buryan. Rev. Joseph was at loose ends again, and in 1662, he returned to America. He went first to Oyster River...where several of his children were living. And he had some more trouble with Quakers there. ‘1662 – In Oyster River, Mary Tompkins went to Priest Hull’s place of worship, “who standing before the old man, he began to tremble, and having spoken something against women’s preaching, he was confounded and knew not what to say; whereupon Mary, standing up and declaring the truth to the people, John Hill in his wrath thrust her down from the place where she stood with his own hands, and the Priest [Hull] pinched her arms.”’” “No whisper has reached us that he was unorthodox or weak in his theology, and of his moral nature we catch glimpses of but three traits; that in habit he was scholarly, in temperament religious, and in spirit contentious.” “Joseph...had a way of avoiding confrontation if at all possible. His enemies called him contentious, which was ridiculous. He would do anything to avoid a fight, except change his opinions.”

14-11046. William FLETCHER, d 29 Jan 1668. Anglican. Rector, All Saints Ch. of Aston (S. Yorkshire) ENGLAND, 1621-51; Minister, Durham [Oyster River] NH, ?-1656; Minister in ENGLAND (place unknown), ?-1662. After his ejection from a parish in England, in 1662, he returned to New England, and died there.

15-19246, 15-19254, 16-41854. John LAWRENCE, b 1558. Anglican. Minister, St. James’s Ch. of St. James S. Elmham (Suffolk) ENGLAND; Minister, St. Margaret’s Ch. of Syleham (Suffolk) ENGLAND. “A plausible preacher but not so good a man as his father.”

15-19278. Henry ROBINSON, b 1557, d 5 Nov 1625. Anglican. Rector, Ch. of St. Mary and St. Peter of Fairstead (Essex) ENGLAND, ?-1625.

15-19512. Christopher YOUNGE, b 1545. Anglican. Vicar, St. Andrew’s Ch. of Ashburton (Devon) ENGLAND and St. Peter & St. Paul Ch. of Ermington (Devon) ENGLAND.

15-19950. John LOTHROPP, b 1584, d 8 Nov 1653. Anglican, Congregationalist. Curate, St. Peter’s Ch. of Benington (Hertfordshire) ENGLAND, 1607-09; Curate, Ch. of St. Mary the Virgin of Little Chart (Kent) ENGLAND, 1610-11; Curate, Ch. of St. James the Great of Egerton (Kent) ENGLAND, 1611-22; Pastor, 1st Independent Ch. of Southwark (Surrey) ENGLAND, 1623-34; Pastor, 1st Congregational Ch. of Scituate MA, 1634-39; Pastor, Congregational Ch. of Barnstable MA, 1639-53. Imprisoned in London for non-conformity 1632-34. “One of the great religious fathers of New England.” “He was sometime preacher of God’s word in Egerton in Kent, from whence he went to London, and was chosen pastor of a church there. He was greatly troubled, and imprisoned, for witnessing against the errors of the times. During the time of his imprisonment, his wife fell sick, of which sickness she died. He procured liberty of the bishop to visit his wife before her death, and commended her to God by prayer, who soon gave up the ghost. At his return to prison, his poor children, being many, repaired to the bishop at Lambeth, and made known unto him their miserable condition by reason of their good father’s being continued in close durance; who commiserated their condition so far, as to grant him liberty, who soon after came over into New England, and settled for some time at the town of Scituate, and was chosen pastor of their church, and faithfully dispensed the word of God amongst them. And afterwards, the church dividing, a part whereof removed to Barnstable, he removed with them, and there remained until his death. He was a man of a humble and broken heart and spirit, lively in dispensation of the word of God, studious of peace, furnished with godly contentment, willing to spend, and to be spent, for the cause of the church of Christ.”

15-20840. Richard EDWARDS, b 1575, d 31 Aug 1625. Anglican. Rector, St. James’ Ch. of Frieston (Lincolnshire) ENGLAND, 1600-14; Rector, St. Botolph’s Ch. of Aldgate (Middlesex) ENGLAND, 1615-18; Master, Ratcliffe Free-School of Stepney (Middlesex) ENGLAND, 1620-25.

15-21406. Thomas STOUGHTON, b 1555. Anglican. Fellow, Queen’s College, University of Cambridge (Cambridgeshire) ENGLAND, 1579-82; Minister, All Saints Ch. of Great Barford (Bedfordshire) ENGLAND, 1583-86; Rector, St. Mary’s Ch. of Naughton (Suffolk) ENGLAND, 1586-94; Curate, Ch. of St. Mary Magdalene of Great Burstead (Essex) ENGLAND, 1594-1600; Vicar, Ch. of St. Peter ad Vincula of Great Coggeshall (Essex) ENGLAND, 1600-06; Chaplain, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital of Sandwich (Kent) ENGLAND, 1616-22 [probably longer]. Author. “Due to his nonconformity he was admonished by Bishop Richard Vaughan and deprived of Coggeshall by the High Commission in 1606. Despite being removed from his living it was reported in 1606 that he ‘doeth often expound the Word in his deske.’” “At the end of his life he recalled being present at Hampton Court 43 years earlier, where he heard ministers preaching before Queen Elizabeth.” “He is said to have been sharply inclined towards the Presbyterianism of the early Tudor period. This theology advocated a radical questioning of the current Ecclesiastical affairs.” He was “a leading light of Elizabethan Puritanism who was silenced early in the reign of James I and spent the rest of his life producing theological pamphlets.”

15-22190. Ralph PARTRIDGE / PARTRICH, b 1579, d 1658. Anglican, Congregationalist. Curate, Ch. of St. Peter and St. Paul of Sutton-by-Dover (Kent) ENGLAND, 1604-34; Pastor, 1st Congregational Ch. of Duxbury MA, 1637-58. In England he was “a hunted partridge” who, “being distressed by the ecclesiastical setters, had no defence, neither of beak nor claw, but a flight over the ocean.” “This partridge had not only the innocency of the dove, conspicuous in his blameless and pious life, which made him very acceptable in his conversation; but also the loftiness of an eagle, in the great soar of his intellectual ability.” “His pious and blameless life became very advantageous to his doctrine; he was much honored and loved by all that conversed with him. He was of a sound and solid judgment in the main truths of Jesus Christ, and very able in disputation to defend them.”

16-38492, 16-38508, 17-83708. John LAWRENCE, b 1520, d 2 Jan 1611. Anglican. Minister, St. James’s Ch. of St. James S. Elmham (Suffolk) ENGLAND, ?-1589; Minister, Ch. of St. Peter and St. Paul of Fressingfield (Suffolk) ENGLAND, 1589-1610. “A very worthy man, who had fled for religion in Queen Mary’s day, and was privately a teacher of a congregation of such as so fled from their habitation, when they could at any time get together. In his old age he was preacher at Fressingfield, and as he was a man of great estate, so was he of great liberality to the poor, and full of good works.”

16-38558. John ORVYCE, b 1535, d 11 Jan 1583. Anglican. Vicar, All Saints Ch. of Terling (Essex) ENGLAND, ?-1583.

16-39236. William EDDYE, b 1560, d 23 Nov 1616. Anglican. Curate, St. Peter’s Ch. of Thurston (Suffolk) ENGLAND, 1583-86; Curate, St. Dunstan’s Ch. of Cranbrook (Kent) ENGLAND, 1586-87; Curate, All Saints Ch. of Staplehurst (Kent) ENGLAND, 1587-91; Vicar, St. Dunstan’s Ch. of Cranbrook (Kent) ENGLAND, 1591-1616. “He was a gentleman of much method and order in all his movements in the Parish. He was a strict Episcopalian and did very much for his church and parishioners.”

16-39902. John HOUSE / HOWSE, b abt 1565, d 30 Aug 1630. Anglican. Rector, Ch. of St. Mary the Virgin of Eastwell (Kent) ENGLAND, 1603-1630; Curate, Ch. of St. James the Great of Egerton (Kent) ENGLAND, 1592-96.

16-44380. Thomas PARTRIDGE / PARTRICH, d 8 Jul 1605. Anglican. Vicar, Ch. of St. Mary the Virgin of Sutton Valence (Kent) ENGLAND, ?-1581; Vicar, St. Mary’s Ch. of Lenham (Kent) ENGLAND, 1581-86; Vicar, St. Margaret’s Ch. of Wichling (Kent) ENGLAND, 1586-1605.

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