Ministerial Ancestors of Carol Ruth Wimble (Webber)

11-1422. James FITCH, b 24 Dec 1622, d 18 Nov 1702. Congregationalist. Pastor, 1st Congregational Ch. of Old Saybrook CT, 1646-60; Pastor, 1st Congregational Ch. of Norwich CT, 1660-1702; Missionary to Mohegan Indians; Chaplain of CT Militia during King Philip’s War, 1676. Author. “He was a man, for penetration of mind, solidity of judgment, devotion to the sacred duties of his office, and entire holiness of life, as also for skill and energy in preaching, inferior to none.”

12-2832, 13-5968, 14-11944. John LOTHROPP, b 1584, d 8 Nov 1653. Anglican, Congregationalist. Curate, St. Peter’s Ch. of Benington (Hertfordshire) ENGLAND, 1607-09; Curate, Ch. of St. Mary the Virgin of Little Chart (Kent) ENGLAND, 1610-11; Curate, Ch. of St. James the Great of Egerton (Kent) ENGLAND, 1611-22; Pastor, 1st Independent Ch. of Southwark (Surrey) ENGLAND, 1623-34; Pastor, 1st Congregational Ch. of Scituate MA, 1634-39; Pastor, Congregational Ch. of Barnstable MA, 1639-53. Imprisoned in London for non-conformity 1632-34. “One of the great religious fathers of New England.” “He was sometime preacher of God’s word in Egerton in Kent, from whence he went to London, and was chosen pastor of a church there. He was greatly troubled, and imprisoned, for witnessing against the errors of the times. During the time of his imprisonment, his wife fell sick, of which sickness she died. He procured liberty of the bishop to visit his wife before her death, and commended her to God by prayer, who soon gave up the ghost. At his return to prison, his poor children, being many, repaired to the bishop at Lambeth, and made known unto him their miserable condition by reason of their good father’s being continued in close durance; who commiserated their condition so far, as to grant him liberty, who soon after came over into New England, and settled for some time at the town of Scituate, and was chosen pastor of their church, and faithfully dispensed the word of God amongst them. And afterwards, the church dividing, a part whereof removed to Barnstable, he removed with them, and there remained until his death. He was a man of a humble and broken heart and spirit, lively in dispensation of the word of God, studious of peace, furnished with godly contentment, willing to spend, and to be spent, for the cause of the church of Christ.”

12-2944, 12-2968. John ROBINSON, b 1576, d 1 Mar 1625. Anglican, Congregationalist. Curate, St. Andrew’s Ch. of Norwich (Norfolk) ENGLAND, 1603-06; Teacher, Independent Ch. of Scrooby (Nottingham) ENGLAND, 1607-08; Pastor, English Ch. of Leiden (S. Holland) NETHERLANDS, 1609-25. Author. Spiritual guide to “Pilgrims” who settled Plymouth Colony. Founder of Independency / Congregationalism “as a developed and organized system.” “Yea such was the mutual love, and reciprocal respect that this worthy man had to his flock, and his flock to him; that it might be said of them, as it once was of that famous Emperor Marcus Aurelius, and the people of Rome: that it was hard to judge whether he delighted more in having such a people, or they in having such a pastor. His love was great towards them, and his care was always bent for their best good both for soul and body; for besides his singular abilities in divine things (wherein he excelled) he was also very able to give directions in civil affairs, and to foresee dangers, and inconveniences; by which means he was very helpful to their outward estates, and so was [in] every way as a common father unto them.”

13-5666, 14-11938, 15-23890. John HOUSE / HOWSE, b abt 1565, d 30 Aug 1630. Anglican. Rector, Ch. of St. Mary the Virgin of Eastwell (Kent) ENGLAND, 1603-1630; Curate, Ch. of St. James the Great of Egerton (Kent) ENGLAND, 1592-96.

13-5670. Thomas STOUGHTON, b 1555. Anglican. Fellow, Queen’s College, University of Cambridge (Cambridgeshire) ENGLAND, 1579-82; Minister, All Saints Ch. of Great Barford (Bedfordshire) ENGLAND, 1583-86; Rector, St. Mary’s Ch. of Naughton (Suffolk) ENGLAND, 1586-94; Curate, Ch. of St. Mary Magdalene of Great Burstead (Essex) ENGLAND, 1594-1600; Vicar, Ch. of St. Peter ad Vincula of Great Coggeshall (Essex) ENGLAND, 1600-06; Chaplain, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital of Sandwich (Kent) ENGLAND, 1616-22 [probably longer]. Author. “Due to his nonconformity he was admonished by Bishop Richard Vaughan and deprived of Coggeshall by the High Commission in 1606. Despite being removed from his living it was reported in 1606 that he ‘doeth often expound the Word in his deske.’” “At the end of his life he recalled being present at Hampton Court 43 years earlier, where he heard ministers preaching before Queen Elizabeth.” “He is said to have been sharply inclined towards the Presbyterianism of the early Tudor period. This theology advocated a radical questioning of the current Ecclesiastical affairs.” He was “a leading light of Elizabethan Puritanism who was silenced early in the reign of James I and spent the rest of his life producing theological pamphlets.”

13-5678, 14-11822. Henry ROBINSON, b 1557, d 5 Nov 1625. Anglican. Rector, Ch. of St. Mary and St. Peter of Fairstead (Essex) ENGLAND, ?-1625.

13-5694. Robert PECK, b 1580, d 10 Apr 1658. Anglican, Congregationalist, Anglican. Curate, Ch. of St. Peter and St. Paul of Oulton (Norfolk) ENGLAND, 1605; Rector, St. Andrew’s Ch. of Hingham (Norfolk) ENGLAND, 1605-38; Teacher, 1st Congregational Ch. of Hingham MA, 1638-41; Rector, St. Andrew’s Ch. of Hingham (Norfolk) ENGLAND, 1646-58. In 1622 he was charged with having “infected the parish with strange opinions as not to kneel when they come to church, that the name of Jesus is no more than a common name and that it is superstitious to bow at the name of Jesus.” He was “suspended and excommunicated” in 1636; was “threatened with action by the Court of High Commission”; and was deprived of his living for “nonresidence” in 1638. “He was a zealous Puritan, and through his influence a number of his parishioners became Nonconformists and emigrated to New England.” “He was by the good providence of heaven fetched away into New England about the year 1638, when the good people of Hingham did rejoice in the light for a season; but within two or three years, the invitation of his friends of Hingham, England, persuaded him to return to them, where being thought great in person for stature, yet greater for spirit, he was greatly serviceable for the good of the church.”

13-5744. William BREWSTER, b 1566, d 10 Apr 1644. Congregationalist. Ruling Elder, 1st Congregational Ch. of Plymouth MA, 1620-29; Ruling Elder, 1st Congregational Ch. of Duxbury MA, 1632-37; Chaplain, Plymouth (MA) Military Company. Spiritual leader of the “Pilgrims” in Plymouth Colony. Not an ordained pastor, but functioned as such in many respects, and for several years, until pastors came to the colony. The Plymouth congregation’s “reverend elder, Mr. Brewster, ...was beloved and honored by them, taking great pains in dispensing and teaching the word of God to them.” He was “a man that had done and suffered much for the Lord Jesus and the gospel’s sake, and had borne his part in weal and woe with this poor persecuted church above 36 years in England, Holland and in this wilderness, and done the Lord and them faithful service in his place and calling.”

13-5792. William EDDYE, b 1560, d 23 Nov 1616. Anglican. Curate, St. Peter’s Ch. of Thurston (Suffolk) ENGLAND, 1583-86; Curate, St. Dunstan’s Ch. of Cranbrook (Kent) ENGLAND, 1586-87; Curate, All Saints Ch. of Staplehurst (Kent) ENGLAND, 1587-91; Vicar, St. Dunstan’s Ch. of Cranbrook (Kent) ENGLAND, 1591-1616. “He was a gentleman of much method and order in all his movements in the Parish. He was a strict Episcopalian and did very much for his church and parishioners.”

13-5900, 13-5948. John WING, b 1584, d 1630. Anglican, Presbyterian. Curate, St. Nicholas’ Ch. of Strood (Kent) ENGLAND, 1605-08; Rector, St. Nicholas’ Ch. of Strood (Kent) ENGLAND, 1608-14; Chaplain to the English Merchant Adventurers in Hamburg GERMANY, 1615-19; Minister, Sandwich (Kent) ENGLAND, 1619-20; Pastor, English Chs. of Flushing & Middleburg (Zealand) NETHERLANDS, 1620-27; Pastor, English Ch. of The Hague NETHERLANDS, 1627-29. Author. At the time of his death he was preparing to emigrate to New England, which his widow and children did then do. “A pious man, and edifying preacher.” “A man of strong spirituality, classic learning, masterful character, ready wit, fierce invective, a facile pen and a ready tongue.”

13-5914. Peter HOBART / HUBBARD, b 1604, d 20 Jan 1679. Anglican, Congregationalist. Curate, Ch. of St. Margaret of Antioch of Reydon & St. Edmund’s Ch. of Southwold (Suffolk) ENGLAND, 1627-31; Curate, St. Mary’s Ch. of Haverhill (Suffolk) ENGLAND, 1631-34; Pastor, 1st Congregational Ch. of Hingham MA, 1635-79. Author.

14-10148. Robert PORTER, b 1547, d 20 Feb 1624. Anglican. Rector, Ch. of St. Mary the Virgin of Langham (Essex) ENGLAND, 1571-72; Vicar, St. Mary’s Ch. of Standon (Hertfordshire) ENGLAND, 1572-75; Rector, St. Mary’s Ch. of Watton-at-Stone (Hertfordshire) ENGLAND, 1575-1624.

14-11358, 15-23646. John ORVYCE, b 1535, d 11 Jan 1583. Anglican. Vicar, All Saints Ch. of Terling (Essex) ENGLAND, ?-1583.

14-11390. John LAWRENCE, b 1558. Anglican. Minister, St. James’s Ch. of St. James S. Elmham (Suffolk) ENGLAND; St. Margaret’s Ch. of Syleham (Suffolk) ENGLAND. “A plausible preacher but not so good a man as his father.”

14-11802, 14-11898. Stephen BACHILER, b 1561, d 30 Oct 1656. Anglican, Presbyterian. Chaplain to William West, Lord de la Warr, 1586-87; Vicar, Ch. of the Holy Cross and St. Peter of Wherwell (Hampshire) ENGLAND, 1587-1605; Pastor of an independent congregation in Southampton (Hampshire) ENGLAND, 1610 [perhaps longer]; Pastor of an independent congregation in Newton Stacy (Hampshire) ENGLAND, 1614-31; Pastor, 1st Congregational Ch. of Lynn MA, 1632-36; Pastor of an independent congregation in Lynn [Saugus] MA, 1636; Pastor of an independent congregation in Yarmouth [Mattacheese] MA, 1637-38; Pastor of an independent congregation in Newbury MA, 1638-39; Pastor, 1st Congregational Ch. of Hampton NH, 1639-41. Cited in Star Chamber in 1593 for having “uttered in a sermon at Newberry, very lewd speeches tending seditiously to the derogation of Her Majesty’s government.” Ejected from his vicarship in Wherwell in 1605 because of non-conformity and “Calvinistic opinions.” Described in 1632 as having been “a notorious inconformist” during his time in Newton Stacy. Deposed from his pastorate in Hampton in 1641, because he, “being about 80 years of age, and having a lusty comely woman to his wife, did solicit the chastity of his neighbor’s wife.” Returned to England and died there at an advanced age. “A grave, reverend, and a good man.” “Mr. Bachiler was a tall and sinewy man, with prominent features. Especially his nose, a very dark complexion, coarse black hair in his younger days, white in age, mouth large and firm, eyes as black as sloes, features long rather than broad, a strong clear voice, rather slow of motion and speech, simple in dress, obstinate and tenacious of his opinions to a marked degree, a powerful preacher drawing largely from scripture, impressing the hearers with the uncommon power and sanctity of his sermons, strong in his friendships and in his hates.” “Among many remarkable lives lived by early New Englanders, Bachiler’s is the most remarkable. From 1593, when he was cited before Star Chamber, until 1654, when he last makes a mark on New England records, this man lived a completely independent and vigorous life, never acceding to any authority when he thought he was correct. ...Stephen Bachiler was one of the few Puritan ministers active in Elizabethan times to survive to come to New England. As such he was a man out of his times, for Puritanism in Elizabethan times was different from what it became in the following century, and this disjunction may in part account for Bachiler’s stormy career in New England.” “He was the only still-nonconforming veteran of the 1605 campaign for conformity to emigrate.”

14-12150. Edward BULKELEY, b 1540, d 4 Jan 1621. Anglican. Curate, St. Mary’s Ch. of Shrewsbury (Shropshire) ENGLAND, 1560-71; Rector, All Saints Ch. of Odell (Bedford) ENGLAND, 1571-78; Vicar, St. Mary’s Ch. of Shrewsbury (Shropshire) ENGLAND, 1578-82; Rector, All Saints Ch. of Odell (Bedford) ENGLAND, 1582-1609. Author. “A faithful minister of the gospel.” “A moderate Puritan.”

15-22780. John LAWRENCE, b 1520, d 2 Jan 1611. Anglican. Minister, St. James’s Ch. of St. James S. Elmham (Suffolk) ENGLAND, ?-1589; Minister, Ch. of St. Peter and St. Paul of Fressingfield (Suffolk) ENGLAND, 1589-1610. “A very worthy man, who had fled for religion in Queen Mary’s day, and was privately a teacher of a congregation of such as so fled from their habitation, when they could at any time get together. In his old age he was preacher at Fressingfield, and as he was a man of great estate, so was he of great liberality to the poor, and full of good works.”

15-24228. William SQUIRE, b 1501, d 1567. Anglican. Rector, Ch. of St. Peter and St. Paul of Charlton Mackrell (Somerset) ENGLAND, 1545-54, 1558-67. “He refused to divorce his wife...under a 1553 declaration during reign of ‘Bloody Mary’ and...was deprived of benefice 10 Apr. 1554 for his refusal.”

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