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Remember the days of old; consider the generations long past.
(Deuteronomy 32:7, NIV)

Hello! Thank you for visiting my Genealogy Web Site. I actually hesitate to call this a “genealogy” site, in the strict sense of the term, since the outline pedigrees and ancestor lists that it contains do not include the documentation and detail that one would expect in a properly done genealogy report. What I offer here are some basic data that reflect the current state of my genealogical research on my direct-line ancestors and on my wife’s direct-line ancestors, in an admittedly rough and undeveloped form. The format in which these data are presented does not distinguish between relationships that are firmly documented and relationships that are based on circumstantial evidence, and it does not distinguish between documented event dates and approximated event dates. Some of the information presented here is based on thorough research that I have either done myself or verified as accurate, and some of it is based on secondary sources that I have not yet been able to verify. For these reasons the pedigrees and lists that are found here should not be cited or used as genealogical authorities. I am nevertheless glad to be able to share this material, such as it is, with those who may be interested in it, and who may find it helpful as a guide in their own research.

The “Outline Pedigree of David Jay Webber” and the “Outline Pedigree of Carol Ruth Wimble” are, as the titles suggest, arranged in a basic outline format. Each ancestor in the pedigree is numbered in two ways. The two-digit number that precedes the hyphen indicates the generation of the person, in reference to me or my wife. I am “01,” my parents are “02,” my grandparents are “03,” my great-grandparents are “04,” and so forth. The number that follows the hyphen is the standard genealogical pedigree number. According to this system, a person’s father has a number that is exactly double his or her own number, and a person’s mother has a number that is double his or her own number plus one.

The pedigrees offer the following information about each ancestor, if known: name (showing major variations in spelling or form, and surnames in all upper case), country or state of residence (in parentheses), date of birth, date of death, date of marriage (to the spouse through whom descent is traced), and religion (in curled brackets). No country or state of residence is given for a female ancestor whose country or state of residence was the same as her husband’s. The date of marriage is included only in the wife’s entry. If a female ancestor was married more than once, and if she therefore at some point in her life bore a surname different than her maiden name or the name of the husband through whom descent is traced, this other surname is given in squared brackets. Religious affiliation is represented as follows: A=Anglican/Episcopalian, B=Baptist, C=Congregationalist, GC=Greek Catholic, L=Lutheran, M=Methodist, P=Presbyterian, Q=Quaker, R=Reformed, RC=Roman Catholic, Uv=Universalist. An ancestor who was an ordained clergyman, or the equivalent, is identified by the term “minister.” If descent is traced from an ancestor through more than one line, the other number under which that ancestor appears elsewhere in the pedigree is given in squared brackets. An “equals” sign (=) identifies an ancestor of mine who is also my wife’s ancestor, or an ancestor of my wife’s who is also my ancestor.

With all of the necessary disclaimers in mind, I do still hope that you enjoy visiting the pages in this site. Corrections, additions, and queries are most welcome.

Contents and Links

Outline Pedigree of David Jay Webber

Outline Pedigree of Carol Ruth Wimble

Ancestors of David Jay Webber (images)

Ancestors of Carol Ruth Wimble (Webber) (images)

Descent from Colonial Governors [PDF]

Descent from Ministers of the Gospel [PDF]

Ancestors who Lived in Plymouth Colony (1620-1691) [PDF]

Descent from the Reverend John Lawrence (1520-1611) [PDF]

Descent from the Reverend John Lothropp (1584-1653) [PDF]

Descent from Thomas Fitche and His Wife Agnes (Algore) Fitche [PDF]

Descent from Alexander Carpenter [PDF]

Descent from Henry Howland [PDF]

Descent from Eleanor Newton (Adams) (Winslow) [PDF]

Descent from Edmond Freeman [PDF]

Descent from Thomas Hubbard / Descent from Thomas Cocke [PDF]

Descent from Edmund Tapp [PDF]

Ancestors of David Jay Webber in New Netherland Colony (1624-1664)

Ancestors of Carol Ruth Wimble (Webber) in New Netherland Colony (1624-1664)

Ancestors of David Jay Webber in the Palatine Emigration of 1709-1710

Ancestors of Carol Ruth Wimble (Webber) in the Palatine Emigration of 1709-1710

Revolutionary War Ancestors of David Jay Webber

Revolutionary War Ancestors of Carol Ruth Wimble (Webber)

Civil War Ancestors of David Jay Webber / Civil War Ancestor of Carol Ruth Wimble (Webber)

“I Would Rather Take Poison”: A Genealogy Tale, and a Tale of Faith [PDF]

Finding Alvana: The Search for the Identity of Alvana, the wife of Morgan O. Carpenter [PDF]

June 24, 1844: Reflections on the Life and Death of Adeline (Lasher) Denegar [PDF]

The Stelle Ancestral Portraits [PDF]

The Skippack Palatines [PDF]

The Balint / Balyi Family and the Meglisz / Meglész Family [PDF]

Genealogical Research in Slovakia

Gabriž Family Entry in the Brezová pod Bradlom Lutheran Family Register

1753 Brezová Property List

Meacham Family Bible Data

Transcription of the Family Record in the Aaron Cole Family Bible [PDF]

John Plum Family Bible [PDF]

Genealogical Data from the Bible of Morgan Denegar (husband of Julia Marley) [PDF]

Genealogical Data from the New Testament of Catharine Jane (Moore) Howard (wife of Lafayette Howard) [PDF]

Sources of Information on the Origin of George Webber (1896-1980) [PDF]

Nathan Atwell Family Bible Record

John Mason and the Pequot War

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Lutheran Ancestors of David Jay Webber

Lutheran Ancestors of Carol Ruth Wimble (Webber)

Descent from Tjerck Claessen De Witt (1620-1700)

The Palatines

The obituary for Lorinda (Hawley) Rorapaugh (1802-1896)

Ancestors and “Uncles” of (David) Jay Webber Who Served in the Civil War

Ancestors and “Uncles” of Carol Ruth Wimble Who Served in the Civil War

Descent from William Bradford (1590-1657)

Descent from John Robinson (1576-1625)

Major William Bradford’s Second Wife: Was She the Widow of Francis Griswold?

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