Address Delivered Wednesday, 28th November, 1866, in Feller’s Hall, Madalin, Township of Red Hook, Duchess Co., N.Y., by Brevet Maj.-Gen. J. Watts De Peyster (S.N.Y.), Upon the Occasion of the Inauguration of a Monument Erected by “This Immediate Neighborhood (Tivoli-Madalin) to Her Defenders Who Lost Their Lives in Suppressing the Slaveholders’ Rebellion and in Sustaining the Government Of the People, For the People, By the People”

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Title Page
Prayer at the Dedication
Address, pp. 1-74
Supplement, pp. 75-122
Addenda, pp. 123-130
Agencies Precipitating Secession, pp. I-XX
Ulster Guard, pp. i-liv
Index, pp. lv-lxi

John Watts De Peyster

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