The Lutheran Doctrine of the Ministry:
Confessional and Theological Resources for Study, Reflection, and Discussion



Some of the quotations concerning the doctrine of the Ministry that are found in the above
comprehensive compilation are also brought together in smaller topical collections as follows:

The Public Ministry of the Word in the “Narrower Sense” and in the “Wider Sense”

“Forms” of the Public Ministry

Norwegian Synod Theses on Lay Preaching

Commentary on 1 Corinthians 12:28-29 (Abraham Calovius)

Shall Women Preach in the Congregation? An Exegetical Treatise (Juergen Ludwig Neve)

Preaching of God’s Word by Christian Women (Francis Pieper)

“The Order Yields to the Need” (John Gerhard)

(oil painting originally in the St. Nicholas Church, Leipzig, Germany)

(1602 oil painting by Andreas Herrneisen, Kasendorf, Germany)

(oil painting in the St. Nicholas Church, Luckau, Germany)

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