150th New York
Portrait Gallery

Col. John Henry Ketcham

Col. John Henry Ketcham
(later Brigadier General)*

Col. John Henry Ketcham

Col. Alfred Baker Smith

Col. Alfred Baker Smith

Lt. Col. Charles G. Bartlett
(previously Capt., 12th U.S. Infantry;
later Col., 119th U.S. Colored Infantry)

Lt. Col. Charles G. Bartlett

Chaplain Edward Otis Bartlett

Surgeon Cornelius N. Campbell*

Henry Alger Gildersleeve as Captain of Co. C

Henry Alger Gildersleeve as Major**

Joseph Hubert Cogswell, as Captain of Co. A

Joseph Hubert Cogswell, as Major
(he later served also as Lieutenant Colonel)

Capt. Platt Marvin Thorne, Co. H
After the Civil War he served as
a Captain in the Regular Army.

Robert C. Tripp as 2nd Lieut. of Co. B

Robert C. Tripp as Capt. of Co. B**

Capt. Edward A. Wickes, Co. G**

Capt. Benjamin Stagg Broas, Co. I**

Capt. Richard S. Titus, Co. I**

Capt. William R. Woodin, Co. D*

Capt. Stephen Van Rensselaer Cruger, Co. A*

Capt. John L. Green, Co. F*

Capt. George R. Gaylord, Quartermaster**

1st Lieut. Henry C. Smith, Quartermaster**

1st Lieut. David B. Sleight, Co. I*

1st Lieut. Samuel H. Paulding, Co. F*

1st Lieut. Perry Wheeler Chapman, Co. E**

1st Lieut. Perry Wheeler Chapman, Co. E

1st Lieut. Frank Mallory, Co. D**

1st Lieut. John Fitzpatrick, Co. H**

1st Lieut. Robert G. Mooney, Co. D**

1st Lieut. William Wattles, Co. A**

1st Lieut. James B. Fury, Co. C**

1st Lieut. Edgar P. Welling, Co. C

1st Lieut. William H. Bartlett, Co. C**

2nd Lieut. Benjamin T. Murfitt, Co. G**

2nd Lieut. Charles P. Barlow, Co. E**

2nd Lieut. Rowland H. Marshall, Co. C

Sergt. Charles S. Chichester, Co. A

Pvt. Cyrus Swan Roberts, Co. A, 150th New York
(previously Co. A, 22nd N.Y.S.M.;
later Sergt. Major, 150th New York,
and 1st Lieut., Co. K, 150th New York)
After the Civil War he served in the Regular Army
and rose to the rank of Brigadier General.

Corporal Richard T. Van Wyck, Co. K
(later Sergeant)

Corporal James Firth, Cos. D & K*

Corporal John Cane, Co. F*

Pvt. Ira Fish, Co. A
(later 1st Sergt.)

Pvt. George Bullock, Co. F*

Pvt. Peter W. Shoemaker, Co. C*

Pvt. Thomas Morgan Fraleigh, Co. F

Pvt. Benjamin J. Buckley, Co. A

Pvt. Josiah Budd, Co. I

Pvt. (Bandsman) Richard L. Knight, Co. F*
(posing with his Bass Saxhorn)

Pvt. Jacob Rapp, Co. K
(later Co. H, 97th New York)

Members of Company A:
Seated, left to right:
1st Lt. James P. Mabbett, 1st Lt. Henry Gridley, 1st Lt. William Wattles;
Standing, left to right:
Sgt. William H. Bartlett (later 1st Lt.), Sgt. John G. Borden (later 2nd Lt., Co. D, 47th N.Y.),
Sgt. William Reed, 1st Sgt. J. Curtis Smithe (later 2nd Lt., Co. C), Pvt. Miles K. Lewis

Pvt. John Alva Wallace, Co. A, with his wife Emmeline (Coyle) Wallace*

Pvt. Benjamin J. Hevenor, Co. K, 20th N.Y.S.M.
(later Corporal, Co. K, 150th New York)***

Pvt. Abram E. Frear, Co. C, 17th Regt., V.R.C.
(previously Co. H, 150th New York)***

Pvt. John B. Gollenbeck, Co. I

unidentified soldier (150th New York)****

*From the collection of the U.S. Army Military History Institute, used by permission.
**From the David K. Parks Collection, used by permission.
***From the Seward R. Osborne Collection, used by permission.
****From the Sean William Nolan Collection, used by permission.

Veterans of the 150th New York at the 1913 Gettysburg Reunion, at the site on Culp’s Hill where the regiment fought on July 3, 1863.

Key: 1. Platt C. Curtiss, 2. Joseph Wooley, 3. John E. West, 4. “an outsider in by mistake,” 5. William E. Gurney, 6. Josiah Budd, 7. J. H. Cogswell, 8. H. S. Chamberlain, 9. Eugene Kempton, 10. William H. Bartlett, 11. Isaac L. Warner, 12. Albert Knapp, 13. John M. Shaw, 14. James Welch, 15. William P. Lawson, 16. George H. Williams, 17. Philip Hedden, 18. unidentified, 19. Charles T. Johnson, 20. Isaac T. Swezey, 21. James Newman, 22. William H. Oakley, 23. Sanford Eggleston.

Present at the reunion but absent from photo: Samuel C. Odell, Francis Pell, I. N. Palmer, Perry W. Chapman, Benjamin J. Hevenor.

Veterans of the 150th New York at the New York Peace Memorial at Lookout Mountain, Tenn., on Nov. 16, 1910

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