Someone send me a damn pic of Yolie.

Full Name/Japanese Name: Miyako Inoue
Name Meaning: I don't know.
Digimon: I forgot/Hawkmon/Halsemon/Shurimon...Are there more?
Crest: Love/Sincerity

Yolie, our purple-haired friend (who is naturally caffienated...like me!). She wears oversized glasses and has a reallu dumb outfit in the Digiworld. She falls for every boy she sees (and me, on the other hand, thinks the hot/cute ones are hot/cute and always seem to fall for the ugly/not so cute ones...Damn! Well, Jon Safren isn't ugly...). She has a realy dumb hawk for a Digimon, and is...umm...Well, I don't have anything against Yolie...