Full Name/Japanese Name: Takeru Takashi
Name Meaning: Check 01 TK's profile thing.
Digimon: Patamon/Pegasusmon...Umm...Is that it?
Crest: Hope

TK grew up. And he didn't turn out too all! *rolls tongue, Spanish "r" or "rr"* He ain't too bad! Umm...He likes Kari also, like Davis. TK only blatantly yelled out, "I care for you, Kari!" Okay, so that was cute. Awww. Well, since TK is twelve and in seventh grade, according to the show, we're the same age. In my grade, TK wouldn't be rowdy enough to hang out with the "popular" boys, he probably couldn't stand the geeks and the religious guys...He'd probably sit with the "popular" boys and just talk about wrestling with them (I sit at the table, I know what they talk about). He'd probably wouldn't be too popular, but I'm sure a handful of girls would find him hot...Well, I do only have 38 kids in my grade. Ahhh! Oh, um, Pegesusmon? Icky!