Digimon Night Club

Full Name/Japanese Name: Takeru Takaishi
Name Meaning: Takeru means "tall rock" and Takaishi means "mountain." Umm... Aren't those two things the same thing?
Digimon: Tokomon/Patamon/Angemon/MagnaAngemon
Crest: Hope

The ever so adorable TK in the green helmet (do those Japanese animators have an obsession with helmets). He's so cute! Hee hee. His half-brother is Matt (who's also cute). TK is very hopeful (ummm) and optimistic and has the ever so cute Patamon. It's a cute family! TK, Matt, Patamon, Gabumon... Wow... Anyways, TK is a little kid and really loves Matt. Notice that his and Matt's last names are not the same. Their parents got divorced (Matt went with dad, TK with mom), and I'm assuming Nancy Takaishi got her last name changed back to her maiden name, and decided to change TK's last name also. The stupid dubbers messed up. One episode they say "half-brothers" and in the rest they say "brothers." Stupid-heads.