Full Name/Japanese Name: Taichi Kamiya
Name Meaning: Ta means "thick" and ichi means "one." "Thick one." Kamiya means "eight gods."
Digimon: Botamon/Koromon/Agumon/Greymon/MetalGreymon/WarGreymon
Crest: Courage

Who's the big-haired boy in with goggles...? Tai! Yes, meet Tai (or Taichi Kamiya). He's got big and messy hair and seems to be the leader of the group. He is couargeous, how else did he get the crest of courage? He's a bit careless though. Oh, and here's a scary bit, you can ask any of my friends who watch Digimon (okay, only one friend watches Digimon and then my little sister), I am like Tai! My sister sees how I act like Tai. I can even see myself in Tai. That's scary! Oh well. I'm cooller than Tai anyway! Right? Riiiiight?