Digimon Night Club

Full Name/Japanese Name: Hikari Kamiya
Name Meaning: Hikari means "light" and Kamiya means "eight gods." Digimon: Salamon/Gatomon/Angewoman
Crest: Light

Who wears a dorky yellow shirt and pink pants? She's small, another little one who's TK's age. She's Tai's younger sister. She's got a cute kitty Digimon, Gatomon (I am a cat fan). She's actually pretty cool, and for some odd reason her voice reminds me of Patty Mayonaise from "Doug" (I cannot stand that show). Oh, "Doug" and Patty Mayonaise are property of Disney. Disney is trademarked, neither of those are mine. Okay, had to do that. Anyways, Kari has the crest of light. Oooo... anyway. Hi. Yeah. That's Kari. Cool. Okay. Whatever.