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Cliff Burton's Tribute Page

Cliff Burton
Instrument: Bass
Birth: February 10, 1962
Death: September 27, 1986

Tradgedy struck the music world early on the morning of September 27, 1986. The band was on there way to Copenhagen, Denmark after playing a gig in Stockholm, Sweden.

The guys were sitting on the bus talking about the gig having a few beers. James asked Cliff if he wanted another and Cliff declined and said he just wanted to get some sleep. So he climed into his normal bunk and drifted of to sleep.

About 6:15am near the town of Ljungby, Sweden the driver lost control of the bus on some black ice that had formed from the surrounding lakes freezing overnight. The bus careened of the road and somehow the window next to Cliff's bunk flew open. As the driver struggled to gain control of the bus Cliff flew out the open window and onto the ground. Then the unthinkable happened the bus flipped over and landed on Cliff killing him instantly. Lars eneded up with a broken toe, James and Kirk suffered minor cuts and bruises. Cliff's ashes were later spread from the top of a cliff somewhere in Maxwell, California. Cliff was undoubtably the best bassist to every grace the music business and he is and always will be sadly missed. Untitled Normal Page