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The Would-be Bushwick Expressway
Cross Bay Boulevard Overpass

Bushwick/Cross-Brooklyn Expressways
eastbound lanes looking west
 Eastbounders heading for either the one-way Nassau Expressway or South Conduit Avenue emerge from under Cross Bay Boulevard from what was a unified Conduit Boulevard west of here, at least in name. The more I think about it, the more poetic it would have been had the Nassau carried on the Bushwick name, at least to the Van Wyck interchange. Just think about it. Everyone would have taken the Wick to the Wyck*, just like the Train to the Plane! Wouldn't that have made for a Wycked route?

overpass looking southwest
 This was a classic 1950's era overpass once upon a time. A unified paint job and maybe it would look less like an eyesore, but unity is hard to come by when you're a Conduit. One can imagine that they are looking at the east-west traffic on the never built Bushwick/Cross Brooklyn Interstate complex here. Secondary roads like the Conduits do occasionally merit overpasses, artierial style, over other secondary and third tier streets, but this bridge was not meant for that. This was supposed to be the first westbound and last eastbound crossing of what was supposed to be one of those two Brooklyn highways.

facing east from west of crossbay
 We now look east from the western side of Cross Bay, where we would have officially still been on either the Bushwick, or the Cross Brooklyn, depending on which would have won the coin toss at their planned and aborted East New York merge. For at least the immediate precincts of this overpass, it is still possible to envision how an expressway that never was, might have been. Shot 10/99.
UPDATE 12/2003: Work proceeds on the total reconstruction of the Cross Bay Boulevard overpass, which will likely render it unrecognizable from these photos.

*Many New Yorkers, myself included, pronounce the Van Wyck, "Wick". It is properly pronounced, however, "Wike".
© 1999-2003, Jeff Saltzman.