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Knowing your alive, makes me want to fucking die
I told myself, I will discard them all.
And in all my dim butchered thoughts
I'll let myself watch you perish one day.
write down your pathetic words of deciet,
They cant hurt me not longer weak.
I've dug this viod inside myself,
where I hide them away,eternally.
I won't let you scar me again
your broken hands cant touch me anymore.
i've ripped your eyes out, with this knife i carve
I wont let you chew your way through me this time.
and I love the uncontrollable blood,
from scraping of pins along your skin.
with each flesh piece, covered in gore
I rip your beating heart out, leaving your obdurated core.
I'll cover this sepulcher shortly, in the remains of your rotting bones
It seems like ive been digging forever,carying these harmful wounds.
I sculpt this pain prolonged,in the void ive built for you
you can never discard me now,im the darkest shade of blue.
I feel this unjustifiable hate, while your moldering inside,
I want you to feel my suffering, as i bury you alive.


I am just an outline of this cold insecurety....
i hold this unborn fetus in my arms
blood dripping from these cracks
you almost made me believe in your illusion
in this black pool of fists
you show this rage with my blood
in puddles as i spill my own
once innocent, now filled with hatred
you mark these tears with your words

oh how easy it has become
let my life flow from my wrists
you are eveything i have become
i no longer feel..

lay me down with this agony
these sheets filled with thorns
dig this hole where ill dwell
taking all the life from me..
bury me under these heavy rocks
I wasnt living anyway..

kiss me goodnight as you kill me
i'll bleed to know your hurting..


Take my hand, he said
help me kill everything thats underneath.
and you'll watch me bleed from the inside out
on the light side of this skin.
No one knows the truth he said
this blood from my fists is a dream
everything around me twists and turns
cover your eyes, he screamed.
Water filling all the chambers of this mind
drowning anything that meant everything
help me become the wraith I hear..
it doesnt matter who I crave to slaughter.
wisper the things you feel
no one can save you this time.
your too weak to crawl inside this dirt
ripping it apart from the core.
this unstableness helps me toture you
I spill my own blood, in spite of these words
does it make you feel needed? killing a little girl
Hide the reality, push me away inside your eyes In the black rain of forever,I leave you here to die.


So young.. never thought i'd feel such calamity,
Then when you walked out of my life..and left me behind.
and I guess it was so evident.. my life was in your hands.
As he held everything I ever knew..upon a landscape of lies.
I still feel your arms...holding me.. in the unbearable cold,
In this world of shattered glass.. you seemed so real.
Your crystal blue eyes, seemed to burn deep through my heart..
when you said felt like a bitter dream.
"I never loved you"...I never knew such emptiness,
seeping through the only feeling i've ever felt.
My heart lies heavy with tears..the pain seems too real to defy...
and When you walked out of my life.. I felt myself die.


a brisk death opened my eyes
and a shadow of contempt left them closed

and to think,
pain seeps unrelentless over a million miles

a bitten lip to cross the path of my tears
and a confused mind to let them fall

If only I knew who you were
If only you knew why the hurt leaves my skin cold

and you never bothered..
too tormented to find my love..

when it was distinctly in front of your eyes
you just never reached out to touch it..

and my skin seems so thick
inside this tainted smile

Set me down...
brand new scars to heal
underneath this dissembling heart
Lies fragile me


I tried to forget yesterday, But its hard when you follow me,
In my dreams.. and it seems, i feel you inside of me.
And as much as I close my eyes, you always seem to re-apear..
Leaving me with the feeling... when I was in your arms that night.
And Since two months ago, you forgot me forever..
And since ten months ago, you've been lying to me.
I wish I could show you how it feels to be here.
When I was crying on the floor... with a dial tone in my hand..
I wish I could have ended it all, before I gave myself to you.
Is this what I have to live with? Please stop the memories..
And they all saw me today..with my head down in misery.
They tell me it will fade.... this pain will go away someday..
But I still dream about what it would be like in your arms again..
Knowing you love me.. and care for me...when you use to look into my eyes.
Its been so long ... and im wasting away in these tears..
I wish I could show you how it feels to be here.

*..and i remember everything...i wish i could forget..*