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interview with mitts

Q: How long has skarhead been together?

Skarhead has been around in one form or another since 1995. Back in '95, it was created as a side project by members of Crown Of Thornz, Madball, H2O. They did an EP called "Drugs, Money, Sex.". After that, there were some more songs recorded for various compilations. In 1998, we decided to end Crown Of Thornz and make Skarhead into a full time band.

Q: What bands influenced you?

We're influenced by everything you can imagine. We all grew up listening to hardcore, but we also listen to a variety of music as well. Rap, r&b, punk, metal, classic rock. The more things to listen to, the more educated of a musician you'll be.

Q: What do u think about adolf giulani closing some of the nyc venues?

To be honest, it doesn't bother me that bad. There's always going to be shows, no matter how many places get closed.

Q: What do you think of the current ny "scene"?

A: It seems pretty healthy to me right now....there's still all the great older bands, and some new ones coming out. I may be partial cause I'm from NY, but in my opinion, NYC is the center of the hardcore world Q: Any "new school" hardcore bands u like, that stands out in your mind?

A:Well I wouldn't call anyone "new school", cause too many people think of that term as an insult....the best new band I've heard lately is Son Of Skam Q: Any bands you'd like to see come back?
A: You mean a reunion? Q: yeah

A: Hmm...yeah, some of the bands I grew up going to see....Token Entry, Krakdown, the original Cro Mags

Q: What bands (even if they're not together) whould make up the most amazing show?

A: The best show I ever saw was the Cro Mags in 87, so I have to say they would headline...hmm ..and Carnivore of the all time heaviest bands ever.

Past Interviews

Murphy's Law

Q: Whats everyones name, and what do they play?
A: Jimmy G - Vocals Ben - Guitar Aaron - Bass Goat - Drums Goat is actually the drummer of Skarhead, he's just helping us out because Pokey, our old drummer had to leave to take over the family plastic fork business (I'm not kidding)
Q: I know the band has been together for a while.. but how exactly long has the band been together?
A: Murphy's Law has been together (with different lineups but always with Jimmy singing) for about 17 years, which is pretty amazing. I have been playing with them for almost 3 years now and Aaron has been in the band about a year. Goat has been in and out a bunch of times.
Q: How did everyone meet up?
A: We all live in Queens, so we all kind of found each other. Actually I should say Jimmy found us. I was friends with his best friend's little brother, and I was also playing guitar around NYC so he came to see me one day, and it was this really weird show where I was playing an acoustic guitar and a harmonica while playing a tambourine with my foot. That was his first introduction to me. Aaron played in Skarhead and a band called White Trash back in the day and everyone knew he was an amazing bassist so we jumped at the opportunity to get him. I don't know where Goat came from, he's always been around. He used to be called "Cochese" because he looks kind of Native American, but people thought we were calling him "Goatcheese" so that stuck instead and eventually got shortened to "Goat".
Q: How did you get the band name? does it have any meaning behind it?
A: Murphy's Law is defined as "whatever can go wrong.. will". Anyone who knows anything about how we operate will find it totally appropriate.
Q: What hobbies other then the band does everyone have?
A: Generally smoking pot, drinking beer and talking shit behind each other's back. That's pretty much all we do.
Q: Does anyone have any side bands?
A: Nothing official really. Me and Jimmy sometimes play in another band called Stress, with our friend Murray the Kid on the bass. I am also going to start a boy band that only plays hardcore and call it n'sync of it all. Ha ha ha.
Q: How do you feel about the "scene" nowadays?
A: The word "scene" makes me think of clubbing or U2 or things that have nothing to do with punk or rock or hardcore or whatever. It's funny how the allegedly most anti-establishment kind of music is surrounded with this thing we call the scene, which sort of dictates how to dress and act and where to hang and whatever. I think that a sense of belonging is important but if we are all slaves to the scene then we are defeating the whole purpose of the music we play. Hardcore will die without an infusion of some of it's original creativity, and what I mean by that is when hardcore was young, you could go see Warzone or AF or Murphy's Law and all the bands sounded different but they were all still hardcore. Now it's kind of weird, so many young bands sound so alike. I think we need people to mix it up a little.
Q: Any favorite show memories?
A: So many. All the shows at Coney Island High were great and I miss that place so much. And the Dynamo festival was pretty amazing this past summer, being in Holland with what looks like a million kids going apeshit in front of you. And I remember the first time I ever puked on stage, in Columbus, Ohio. We were playing with the Stitches and I was drinking with Jimmy all day at this place caled Sudsy Malone's. We went onstage and I knew I was going to puke like 2 songs into it so I tried puking behind my amp but it wasn't happening. So I handed Jimmy my guitar and ran off to puke in the beer garden. While I was throwing up the band played a song called "Bennie's Throwing Up" in my honor. That was pretty rock.
Q: Thanks for taking to time to let me interview you. Do you have anything esle you'd like to say?
A: We have a record coming out in the spring, please buy it so I can quit my crappy day job. And visit us on the web at And thanks to everyone for their support, it's amazing to think that we are doing as well as we are after 17 years.


Q: Whats everyones name, and what do they play?
A: dan - drums, alex - vocals, matt - guitars/vocals, pete - guitars, rob - bass
Q: How long has the band been playing together?
A: about 3 or 4 years
Q: How did everyone meet?
A: school, mutual friends...shows...stuff like that
Q: How did you get the band name?
A: it was a sticker on the back of a refrigerator, (r22 is a type of refirigeration coolant) dan thought it was cool..used the name...the deep representation...we live in a cold world
Q: What hobbies other then the band does everyone have?
A: matt is an actor, i am a wannabe bookin agent..., dan does websites and various computer shit..., pete is just crazy...rob is just weird...we all love sex!
Q: Does anyone have any side projects?
A: not that i know of
Q: How do you feel about the "scene" nowadays?
A: SUCKS everyone is so closed minded...they all wanna hear the same old shit over and over
Q: Any favorite show memories?
A: yeah...slippin and fallin on my ass moshing / singing at the same time
Q: Thanks for taking to time to let me interview you. Do you have anything esle you'd like to add?
A: Dont play with fire, its flammable