Books By William D. Tolhurst

Natioanal Police Bloodhound Manual "Police Pocket Training Manual" (1977) This is Bill Tolhurst's first publication which he wrote for the N.P.B.A. (National Police BloodHound Association) and Is ONLY available through them. This handy pocket manual is an excellent source of information for the Bloodhound handler.

Manhunters "Manhunters! Hounds of the Big T" (1984) This is Bill Tolhurst's second publication. It talks about how he got started, the dogs he had over the years, and even has a number of short stories about the cases he has worked and the things he has done.
Cost - $16.00 + Shipping & Handling / Priority Mail **

The Police TextBook for Dog Handlers "The Police Textbook for Dog Handlers" (1991) This book has everything you need to begin training a dog for, Mantrailing, Cadaver (land and underwater), Accelerant detection and Article Search. It begins with a chapter discussing puppy profiles and how to select a puppy using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test.
Cost - $14.00 + $3.85 Shipping & Handling / Priority Mail

The Silent Witness "The SILENT WITNESS Scent" (2000) This is Bill Tolhurst's latest book. This book is an attempt to give the reader a practical in depth look at scent discrimination. It is based on field research, presented in simple words that are easy to understand and not complicated by technical jargon.
Cost - $22.00 + $3.85 Shipping & Handling / Priority Mail

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Videos By William D. Tolhurst
The Forgotten Evidence "Scent The Forgotten Evidence" (1989) This is Bill Tolhurst's first video. It discusses the Dos and Don'ts of handling a crime scene and preserving scent evidence as well as what responding Officers should know when they are the first ones at a crime scene.

Cadaver Recovery for Law Enforcement "Cadaver Recovery for Law Enforcement" (1990) This is Bill Tolhurst's second video. It covers information on how to train a dog for cadaver recovery, both on land and in the water. This video also has some great information on grave studies.

Videos available only From:

Media Productions
Att: Paul Lamont
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