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Paul Candy K-9 Argo

Hello and welcome to the Work Dog Memorial Picture page. Notice I did not say K-9 Memorial Picture page. Well the reason for that is that when some people hear "K-9" they only think of Patrol Dogs. This page is for ALL Work Dogs that aid Law Enforcement day in and day out, some of which never get the credit they deserve. Here you will find pictures of some outstanding dogs.
Arson Dogs, Bloodhounds, Cadaver Dogs, Drug Dogs, Explosive Dogs, Patrol Dogs, And Search and Rescue dogs. I hope you enjoy this page, as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

Bruce Ludemann Jr.

Dog's name: Walking Tall "Paul" of L.
Handler: Bruce Ludemann Sr.
Location: Lockport, New York
Trained in: Narcotic detection, accelerant detection, Article search, Mantrailing and Cadaver recovery.

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Dog's name: Candy.
Handler: William (Bill) Tolhurst.
Location: Lockport, New York
Trained in: Accelerant detection, Article search, Cadaver recovery, Mantrailing and Narcotic detection.

K9 Argo, a true hero, God rest his soul


Argo was killed in the line of duty in October of 1998 during a gunbattle with a man who the day before had shot a State Trooper 8 times during a traffic stop. This man shot Argo and I less than 24 hours later. The trooper Dub Gillum, Im happy to say survived and is now a man who I am honored to call my friend, and we share a special bond having both survived being shot by the same man. When I began looking for another dog I saw "Arko" in Alabama and was impressed, with what I saw when we tested him, but when I saw his personality and heard the similar name, that clinched it for me, he is going to be a great partner, but he will never replace Argo who will always be in my heart.

K-9 Officer Brad Thompson,
Fort Worth Police Department,
Fort Worth, Texas

Dog's name: Margie.
Handler: Bruce Ludemann Sr.
Location: Lockport, New York
Trained in: Accelerant detection, Cadaver recovery.

"Margie" was born on June 27th 1988 and was the daughter of "Paul" and "Sheba" a very good hunting stock labrador. "Margie" was trained in accelerant detection and cadaver recovery. "Margie" worked many fires, and after the retirement of "Paul" she was the county`s main accelerant detection k9.
In December 1998 "Margie" was awarded the Big T Multi-Purpose Dog of The Year Award. On June 27th 1999,on "Margie`s" 11th birthday she became semi-retired.

Handler Bruce Ludemann Sr. and Margie

On August 1st,2001 (at the age of 13) Margie had to be euthanized because of medical problems. She will be sadly missed. Her ashes along with her father's "Paul" will be laid to rest next year at the County's new Public Safety Building. There a K-9 Memorial will be placed thanks to The Niagara County (NY) Fire Chiefs Association.

Dog's name: Gypsy.
Handler: Bruce Ludemann Sr.
Location: Lockport, New York
Trained in: Narcotic detection, accelerant detection.

"Gypsy" was a 4 year old black lab and was an Narcotic/Accelerant Detection Dog. Both Gypsy and her human partner Special Deputy Bruce Ludemann Sr. were with the Niagara County Sheriff`s Department in western New York. "Gypsy" was a Narcotic Detection dog for a couple years her duties were mainly working the County Jail, checking both visitors and Inmates. As well as working with Customs and the US Coast Guard. Gypsy's job with them was mostly checking boats entering US ports from Canada. But in the Spring of 2000 she "retired" from all narcotic work. They were assigned to the Special Forces Unit, and the Fire Investigation Unit (formerly known as the Niagara County Arson Task Force) since 1989.

Gypsy Gypsy had to Euthanize because of an incurable Kidney Disease on November 8th,2001.

Dog's name: Duchess
Handler: Larry Harris
Location: Newport Beach, California
Trained in: Mantrailing

County Copper Ebony Duchess was born July 8, 1988 to a litter bred by Glenn Rimbey, then of Santa Fe New Mexico. She made her first, but not by any means her last, air flight at age 7 weeks into the arms of her new partner, Larry Harris of Newport Beach, California. Her destiny was to be a foundation dog of the Scent Evidence Program established by Harris for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and she educated law enforcement, located missing persons, apprehended felons, and provided valuable investigative information for that department for 5 years.

In 1997 "Duchess", also known by her close friends as "The Silver Bullet", introduced Scent Evidence investigation techniques to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and, because of her skill and the tenacity of her handler and partner, a scent evidence program was created within that department. The success of the programs encouraged the creation of the Southern California Bloodhound Coalition by founder Larry Harris. The Coalition has since trained handlers and dogs who have gone on to successfully work criminal cases nationwide for countless agencies, including the FBI.

Duchess personally was called to work hundreds of criminal and missing persons cases for at least 24 different agencies during her illustrious career including two of the three largest police agencies in the world; LAPD and LASD.

In 1996, Duchess was awarded the prestigious "Cleopatra Award". The "Cleo" award, named after William Tolhurst’s extraordinary man-trailer, is the only award that recognizes the skills and accomplishments of the dog, not the owner-handler.

Scent Evidence, as a tool for criminal investigation, owes a great deal to Duchess whose passing on October 22, 1999 was a painful loss to so many.

Born: 7-8-1988
Passed: 10-22 (assignment cancelled) 1999

Duchess is sorely missed.

Partner: Officer David Lim
Port Authority Police Dept. - NJ & NY
World Trade Center NYC

Officer Lim was in the K-9 office in the basement of the WTC and heard the explosion on an upper floor. Thinking it was a bomb that had exploded David, realizing he'd be more effective freehanded, put his K9 Sirius in the dog crate and told him to stay, he was going to investigate. "Nobody thought these buildings would fall down," "At that time, I couldn't think of a safer place for Sirius to be than in the basement while I was up doing the rescues. Of course, now, when I look back, he probably saved my life by just sitting there." Sirius perished in the tragedy, leaving David alone without his co-worker. "He's very special," said David. "All dogs go home with us. So not only was he my partner, but he was also my pet and my friend." The bond between canine and master is a special one. And while David realizes the human tragedy may overshadow the death of his dog, any pet owner can attest to the impact an animal makes on our daily lives. "We were very close. No matter where I went, he went. Whatever I asked him to do, he did. He never complained. Sometimes we'd be working for long hours, searching hundreds of cars or trucks, and he'd just look at me like, 'What do you want me to do now?".

Officer Lim stated while assisting several people down the staircase, they could hear the building collapsing. He was helping a female down the staircase when the whole building came down around them. The officer and others believe they were at about the 5th level in the stairwell that was partly standing after the collapse.

This information was obtained from a web site I found that is full of information on this story and Much, Much more.
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