( Scent Transfer Unit )

What is the STU-100 ? The Scent Transfer Unit (STU-100) was specifically designed for Forensic Specialists, Investigators, Evidence Response Teams, Identification Departments and Scent Dog Handlers. The Scent Transfer Unit allows law enforcement to collect evidence from any item without destroying fingerprints on the item, collect trace evidence at a crime scene without contamination, collect scent evidence from hard to access places not accessible to a search dog and gives law enforcement a scent pad to store in scent banks for future use on repeat offenders.

The STU-100 was designed and built to assist law enforcement with the collection of scent and trace evidence. It provides a method of preserving evidence for extended periods of time because scent is evidence. The STU-100 requires common sense, good judgement, a sound working knowledge of scent and what it takes to protect it from contamination. Properly handled and operated, the STU-100 can produce unbelievable results.

History of the STU100
Very first Scent Transfer Unit --- The Scent machine "The Scent Machine" In the late 80'S I tried using a vacuum process to collect the scent into a sterile gauze pad that I could move around and better yet, I could collect the scent and keep it for long periods of time. A number of 110 models were tested. I called them "Scent Transfer Machines" however as with most first inventions they were big, heavy, cumbersome and while they did the job well they were difficult to handle.

Larry Harris "STU100" This is Larry Harris, Bill Tolhurst's Partner with his prototype version of the STU.

Todays STU100 "STU100" This is the STU100 we know today.

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