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Dan Castellaneta

These characters have been voiced by Dan Castellaneta:
Homer J. Simpson
Grampa Abraham Simpson
Santa's Little Helper
Barney Gumble
Krusty the Clown
Groundskeeper Willie
Mayor Quimby
Hans Moleman
Sideshow Mel
Arnie Pie
Scott Christian
Captain Lance Murdock
Freddy Quimby
Squeaky-Voiced Teen
Burns's Lawyer
Big Rich Texan
Fantastic Dan
Ugolin (7G13)
Thomas Jefferson (8F01)
Aristotle Amandopolis (8F13)
Zombie Shakesphere (9F04)
Human Fly (9F21)
Gary (1F02)
Gremlin (1F04)
Actor Homer (1F16)
Actor Lisa (1F16)
Roger Meyers (1F21)
Leopold (2F19)
Luigi (3F10)
George Washington (3F13)
Etch (3F19)
Keaney's Father (4F03)
Laddie (4F16)
Alfred E. Neuman (4F22)
Jimmy the Carriage Driver (4F22)
Soccer Hooligan (5F01)
Mail Executive (5F05)
Pope (5F05)
Angel (5F05)
Mr. Teeny (5F10)
Photographer Cop (5F12)
President Chimp (5F12)
Great Uncle Chet (4F24)
Stanley (4F24)
Simpson Men (4F24)
Big Donut (3G04)
Roddy McDoughnut (3G04)
Big Hand Guy (3G04)
Barney's Mother (3G04)
Lenin (3G04)
Janitor (3G04)
Fidel Castro (5F14)
Major Nougat (5F15)
Mojo (5F15)
Commie Nazi (5F16)
Old Curly (AABF04)
British Raj Man (Lost Soul) (AABF04)
Man in Dinner Jacket (Lost Soul) (AABF04)
Sad-Looking Frenchman (Lost Soul) (AABF04)
Ernie (AABF05)
Bloodening Boy (AABF07)
Postmaster Bill (AABF08)
Bill Clinton (AABF08)
Rudy (AABF08)
Vincent Price (AABF08)
Det. Lance Coffman (AABF09)
Australian Gamekeeper (AABF10)
Navitron Auto-Drive (AABF13)
Senor Ding-Dong (AABF13)
Pig of Eden (AABF14)
Cecil (Eurotrash) (AABF15)
Magic Fish (AABF20)
Mr. Pennybags (AABF20)

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