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Itchy & Scratchy Episodes

    No. Cartoon Name [Simpsons Episode Number]

    01 Burning Love [7G12]
    02 Let Them Eat Scratchy [7F03]
    03 Hold That Feline [7F09]
    04 Kitchen Kut-Ups [7F09]
    05 Messenger Of Death [7F09]
    06 Porch Pals [7F09]
    07 Sundae Bloody Sundae [7F16]
    08 Bang The Cat Slowly [7F24]
    09 O Solo Meow [7F23]
    10 Sounds Of Silencers, The [8F03]
    11 My Dinner With Itchy [8F04]
    12 Field Of Screams [8F05]
    13 House Of Pain, Or This Old House [8F09]
    14 Cat Splat Fever [8F11]
    15 I'm Getting Buried In The Morning [8F22]
    16 Flay Me To The Moon [9F01]
    17 Steamboat Itchy [9F03]
    18 100-Yard Gash [9F08]
    19 Kitty Kitty Bang Bang [9F12]
    20 My Bloody Valentine [9F13]
    21 Dazed And Contused [9F16]
    22 Little Barbershop Of Horrors [9F16]
    23 Screams From A Mall [9F16]
    24 Untitled, With Guest Director Oliver Stone [9F18]
    25 Germs Of Endearment [9F20]
    26 Spay Anything [9F22]
    27 Burning Down The Mouse [1F02]
    28 Ahhh! Wilderness [1F06]
    29 Scar Trek: The Next Laceration [1F13]
    30 Buck Chops Here, The [1F16]
    31 Planet Of The Aches [1F22]
    32 Last Traction Hero, The [2F01]
    33 Four Funerals And A Wedding [2F31]
    34 Skinless In Seattle [3F02]
    35 Foster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! [3F01]
    36 Esophagus Now [3F03]
    37 Remembrance Of Things Slashed [3F16]
    38 Good Cats, Bad Choices [4F06]
    39 Reservoir Cats, With Special Guest Director Quentin Tarantino [3G03]
    40 Why Do Fools Fall In Lava? [4F12]
    41 Beagle Has Landed, The [4F12]
    42 Deaf Comedy Blam! [4F18]
    43 Glass Moan-agerie, The [5F15]
    44 Candle In The Wound [AABF01]
    45 Tears Of A Clone, The [BABF04]


    A Gunfight [7F09]
    B Marge's Cameo As As Squirrel [7F09]
    C Turning Itchy & Scratchy Off [7F09]
    D Eye On Springfield [9F03]
    E That Happy Cat [9F03]
    F Hitler WW2 Short [9F03]
    G Itchy And Scratchy Trailer [9F03]
    H Itchy And Scratchy Movie [9F03]
    I Eastern Europe's favorite cat-and-mouse team [9F19]
    J Roger Meyer Story [2F01]
    K Scratchtashia [2F01]
    L Pinitchyo [2F01]
    M Manhattan Madness [3F16]
    N Itchy & Scratchy Meet Fritz The Cat [3F16]
    O Scratchy Goes To Hell [3F16]
    P Test Marketing [4F12]
    Q Ice Sculpture Contest [4F12]
    R William Tell Spoof [4F12]
    S Springfield Squares [BABF02]