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Kent Brockman's Notebook of Seemingly Useless Simpsons Information

Kent Brockman's Notebook of Seemingly Useless Simpsons Information

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Hey! Welcome to Kent Brockman's Notebook of Seemingly Useless Simpsons Information. There isn't much here now, but soon this site is going to be the ultimate simpsons experience. So, check out what I have so far and come back soon to see whats new.

March 5, 2001- DOH! Sorry I haven't updated in about six months. I hope to try to update more often from now on. Today I added a Itchy & Scratchy Episode section, so check that out. Come back soon to see what's new.

August 10, 2000 - Hey, hey, hey! Welcome back to The Notebook. Today I added a new page to my site called "Homer Says, D'oh..." This page is only half done, but it still has a pretty long list of Homer's D'oh's. So check it out.

August 2, 2000 - Hi Everybody! Check out the "Guest Voices" page. It is now complete with EVERY guest voice from season 1-10. Hopefully today I can add another poll to my "Interactive" Section of my site. Have a nice day!

August 1, 2000 - Today I changed the "Who Does What Voice" into a "Voices" Sections so that it is easier to read for you guys. Thats all for today come back tomorrow!

July 31, 2000 - Welcome back! Today I added a new "Quote of the Day". You can find the old quote of the day in my new "Back in Time" section. Also today I updated the "Simpsons Gueststars" page.See you later!

July 26, 2000 - Hey everyone! Check out the new site design I have here at Kent Brockman's Notebook of Seemingly Useless Simpsons Information. Also, today I added A Tribute to Troy McClure page. So, go check it out.

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Grampa Icon"I haven't felt this relaxed and carefree since I was a watch commandeer at Pearl Harbor."

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