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Summer Time !! 2009

Here Are A Few More Summer Midi's
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Summer Breeze :)

Summer Of 42:)

Summer In The City :)

In The Good Ole Summer Time:)

Sitting On The Dock By The Bay :)

Day's Til Summer Time, 2010

June Cal.

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Throw open wide your golden gates,
O poet-landed month of June,
And waft me, on your spicy breath,
The melody of birds in tune.

O fairest palace of the three,
Wherein Queen Summer holdeth sway,
I gaze upon your leafy courts
From out the vestibule of May.

I fain would tread your garden walks,
Or in your shady bowers recline;
Then open wide your golden gates,
And make them mine, and make them mine.

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July is National Ice Cream Month! Each American
eats an average of 23.2 quarts of ice cream, ice
milk, sherbet, and other frozen treats every year.
You can have lots of fun making ice cream and ice
cream related crafts.

Summer Time

By Ray Wise

The grass is green and sparkling streams

And the birch is swaying in the breeze

Winter’s over that cold dark friend

But we live for day’s like these

The sun is out and wonders sprout oh glorious sun

Eight long months of cold and dark but now its time
for fun

Hunting trips and fishing trips and camping by the

The motor homes and ferry boats the tourists we
must flee

Bar-b-q's and special friends it seems the day
won’t end

Grab your coat and get the boat and let’s see
what’s around the bend

Flying trips and hiking trips or just go panning
for gold

I do believe I love this place

I think I will stay and grow old

August is vacation month, that special time of
year when parents cram their kids into the back
seat of their compacts and head for Vacation City,

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It is the year's high noon,
The earth sweet incense yields,
And o'er the fresh, green fields
Bends the clear sky of June.

I leave the crowded streets,
The hum of busy life,
Its clamor and its strife,
To breathe thy perfumed sweets.

O rare and golden hours!
The bird's melodious song,
Wavelike, is borne along
Upon a strand of flowers.

I wander far away,
Where, through the forest trees,
Sports the cool summer breeze,
In wild and wanton play.

A patriarchal elm
Its stately form uprears,
Which twice a hundred years
Has ruled this woodland realm.

I sit beneath its shade,
And watch, with careless eye,
The brook that babbles by,
And cools the leafy glade.

In truth I wonder not,
That in the ancient days
The temples of God's praise
Were grove and leafy grot.

The noblest ever planned,
With quaint device and rare,
By man, can ill compare
With these from God's own hand.

Pilgrim with way-worn feet,
Who, treading life's dull round,
No true repose hast found,
Come to this green retreat.

For bird, and flower, and tree,
Green fields, and woodland wild,
Shall bear, with voices mild,
Sweet messages to thee.

Summer Theme Ideas

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Women of Achievement Month..Aug.

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An ONLINE Camp For Your Kids

Keeping Cool: Your Summer Shopping Guide

Summertime and the livin’ is cool…and easy. We’ve
got a sizzling assortment of cool stuff -- whether
you need some ideas for keeping the kids busy or
planning a nice long relaxing weekend. Our
Shopping Guide is just a click away:

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