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OFFERS: ---- Warm, nurturing, old-fashioned Enemas given the way Mother used to give them.    Punishment Enemas!     Retention Enemas!    Sensual Enemas! OVER THE KNEE SPANKINGS -- FIRMLY ADMINISTERED WITH MOTHERLY GUIDANCE AND INSTRUCTION -- YOUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART --"WHACK!!"

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Such a stark contrast. She was no longer in her street clothes, but a crisply pressed white lab coat. Her breasts were full and large, accentuated by her deep cleavage. She would occasionally lean across me to reach for something. Her body was big and ample, soft and womanly, surprisingly so to me, and yet setting off a thousand screaming sirens in my brain.

I was lying on a soft towel on her professional examination table, quite conscious of being completely naked in front of her and even more conscious of being so fully erect. Did her presence create this reaction within me or was it the sight of her double-gloving the latex examination gloves on herself so matter of factly, or could it have been the sight of the various nozzles or the big swollen four-quart enema bag that hung loomingly in front of me, or the tubing, all that tubing. The VCR flashed images on the TV screen behind her of enemas being administered to helpless men and women in desperate need of cleansing.

She turned me on my side with the promise of an anal examination. "Something exploratory" were the words she used, and I felt the cold K-Y Jelly on her fingers gently beginning a probing that I could only hope to myself, would expand into a complete prostate massage that would open me up enough for her to show me her entire lexicon of anal-erotic creativity.

Her gloved fingers went in and out knowingly working me, easily expanding me. My erection was full-blown. It wouldn't take much to go over the edge. She also knew and warned me to control myself as she backed off with her deft finger motion.

I was drifting now and felt the strong nozzle being carefully inserted into my anus. She instructed me, telling me to breath deeply, and the instant that I did, the rush of warm, soapy water started running into me. The warmth excited me, the soapy water expanded me in waves, my cock was ready to burst until there was such a convergence of warm water distending and impregnating me combining with the unbelievable pressure from my engorged cock and swollen balls that finally I had no other choice but to explode in the most powerful orgasm that I ever experienced.

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I saw her on the street the other day--later, at the theater, and then at that chic new club.

She was statuesque. A woman of color, mature, seemingly aloof, yet peerless in her demeanor.

I was so intrigued, I kept fantasizing and then I was in her apartment and I found myself looking directly into her eyes. I started to feel beads of perspiration on my face. I looked away. What if she just looked at me and knew -- forced me to pull my pants down and then the admonishment, the verbal dressing down, the torrent of words softly spoken, but each one hitting me with the force of individual bolts of thunder. Such anticipatory humiliation and yet ironically combined with unbelievable arousal.

And the fear of when the ultimate will occur -- feeble verbal attempts on my part to extricate myself from this excruciating web -- and of course, so lame, to no avail.

And she reaches for my wrist and draws me to her. I try to hold back but it's already in motion. I'm pulled over her lush, warm, ample thighs -- legs that would support me and keep me from falling no matter how hard I squirm or struggle. I catch a glimpse in the mirror. Her lips are set, her eyes are intent and I see the fast image of that old-fashioned hair brush raised up high and then I closed my eyes and everything reverberated with such force the instant I simultaneously felt and heard "SMACK!"
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