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Who- Hardy Boyz
When- 6/29/99 - 7/25/99
Won From- Acolytes
Lost To-Acolytes

Who- Hardy Boyz
When- 9/24/2000
Won From - Edge and Christian
Lost to - nobody and never will be anybody!
Matches -
Match That Won Titles - WWF Unforgiven PPV 9/24 Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian (c) (Steel Cage Match) Winners- Hardy Boyz (c)
RAW IS WAR 9/25 Hardy Boyz (c) vs. Edge and Christian (Ladder Match) Winners - Hardy Boyz (c)
RAW IS WAR 10/2 Hardy Boyz (c) vs. Too Cool Winners- Hardy Boyz
Sunday Night Heat 10/8 Hardy Boyz (c)vs. Mean Street Posse Winners - Hardy Boyz (c)
RAW IS WAR 10/9 Hardy Boyz (c) vs. Lo-Down Winners - Hardy Boyz (c)
Smackdown! 10/12 Hardy Boyz(c) vs. Tazz and RaVen Winners- Hardy Boyz (c)

WWF Hardcore Championship

Who- Matt Hardy
Won From- Crash Holly
Lost To- Crash Holly

Match that won title- RAW IS WAR 4/24 Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Crash (c) Winner - Matt Hardy (c)
Smackdown! 4/27 Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy (c) Winner - Matt Hardy
Match That Lost Title- Smackdown! 4/27 Matt Hardy (c) vs. Crash Holly Winner - Crash Holly (c)

WWF European Championship

WWF Intercontinental Championship