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10/16/2000 The Rock and The Hardy Boyz vs. Kurt Angle , Edge , and Christian

Rock hits the ring and brings Angle in the hardway. From there a brawl breaks out. Lots of high spots from the Hardyz and Edge/Christian. Lita gets involved in the match as does Stephanie. Angle pulls Lita out of the ring and lets Stephanie slug her from behind. Rock hits the people's elbow, but the ref is knocked out. Edge takes Rock out and Kurt Angle jumps in and hits the Olympic Slam for the win. After the match, Rock hits Rock Bottoms on both Edge and Christian as Angle and Steph leave.

Winners - Kurt Angle , Edge and Christian

10/9/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Lo-Down *Tag Team Titles*

The Hardyz work on Lo Down as soon as they hit the ring. They get rid of Chaz and hit a double suplex on D-Lo. Jeff gets whipped and tips up in the corner. D'Lo catches him, but Jeff hits a head scissors takeover. D'Lo hits a back elbow and tags in Chaz. Chaz gets met with a body drop and Matt is tagged in. Drop shot/Low blow combo. D'Lo comes in, but Matt cuts him off and throws him outside. Chaz gets back dropped over the ropes. Matt hits a clothesline off the apron. Matt throws Chaz in the ring and D'Lo hits a hot shot on Matt while the ref's back is turned. Chaz covers and gest a two count. D'Lo tagged in and he hits a standing side kick for a two count. Right hand by D'lo. Matt hits a couple rights and gets caught in a spinebuster for a two count. Chaz tagged in and the pound on Matt. Chaz chokes Matt and then uses the ropes to choke him. Sunset flip by Matt for a two count. Chaz gets up and hits a clothesline. D'Lo taggedin and Lo Down double team Matt in the corner. D'Lo chokes Matt in a nuetral corner then hits him with rights. Matt gets his boot up on a charge, but D'Lo hits a clothesline. Scoop slam by D'Lo followed by a leg drop for a two count. Chaz tagged in and he gets Matt in a reverse fireman's carry into a slam. Jeff breaks up the count at two. Chaz tries a leg drop, but Matt moves. Matt starts to crawl towards Jeff, but Chaz knocks Jeff off the apron. Chaz gets his boot up in the corner. Lita pulls Chaz down when the ref isn't looking and crotches Chaz on the ringpost. Both guys amekthe tag. Jeff hits a body block, and a huricanrana. D'Lo whipped and Jeff hits poetry in motion. Chaz gets beat in the corner and they hit poetry in motion on him too. Matt takes Chaz outside adn Jeff goes for the swanton ,but two guys dressed like The Conquistadors show up and knocks Jeff down. Matt gets taken out. Chaz hits the superplex adn D'lo hits the low down, but Chaz celebrates and the ref tries to get him out of the ring. Matt hits the drop shot and Jeff rolls on top of D'Lo

Winners - Still Champs the Hardyz

Lita vs. Jacqeuline *Womens Title Hardcore Match*

Jacky comes out with a shopping cart full of weapons. Lita attacks Jacky on the ramp then throws her in the ring. Lita with a boot to the stomack followed by a bulldog. Lita goes otuside, but Jacky hits her from behind. Jacky gets a cookie sheet and nails Lita. Jacky grabs a trash can and a blow dryer. Jacky grabs a broom and gets back in the ring. She breaks the broom on Lita's back. Jacky wedges the trash can in the corner and throws Lita into it. Jacky covers and gets a nearfall. Jacky grabs the hair dryer and nails Lita with the butt of it. Jacky goes under the ring and grabs a fire extinguisher. She gets in the ring and tries to use it, but can't get it work. She forgets to pull the pin. Lita gets a low blow and kicks Jacky in the back of hte head. Lita goes under the ring and gets a ladder. Lita sets the ladder up in the corner, but Jacky hits her from behind. Jacky DDT's Lita on a cookie sheet and gets a near fall. Jacky climbs the backside of the ladder and Lita clibms the front. Jacky shoves Lita off and Jacky jumps down. Jacky goes to the front side of the ladder and goes for a crossbody, but Lita moves. Lita uses the fire extinguisher and blinds Jacky. Lita uses the cookie sheet and gets the win.

Winner - Lita

10/2/2000 Lita Interview (attack and brawl with Jacky)

Michael Cole tries to interview Lita, but Jacky attacks her from behind. They brawl into the ladies lockerroom and start wrestling. Lita throws Jacky into a chair, but Jacky gets up and hits an acid drop off the wall. Jacky grabs a tube of lipstick and write on Jacky's face. They get outinto the hall and Jacky throws her into a door. Lita kicks Jacky into a pile of boxes in the garage then Lita throws her into an 18-wheeler. Lita starts throwing things at her. Jacky gets a trash can and nails Lita with it. Lita gets thrown into a chain link fence. Jacky climbs onto the hood of the truck and Lita follows. Lita throws Jacky off the hood of the truck. Lita was going to moonsault, but Jacky got up and grabbed a fire extinguisher. Jacky gets a trash can lid and starts hitting Lita with it. Finally, WWF officials show up to break the it up.

10/2/2000 Hardy Boyz(c)vs. Too Cool *Tag Team Title Match*

Scotty and Matt tie up with a collar and elbow and Scotty backs Matt in the corner. Back elbow by Matt and he climbs the middle turnbuckle. Scotty follows and goes for a superplex, but Matt pushes him off and hits the drop shot. Matt gets a two count. Sidewalk slam by Matt and he tags in Jeff who hits a moonsault after bouncing off the ropes. Jeff gets a two when Sexay interrupts. Sexay starts dancing and Jeff gets up and does him better. Scotty gets a low blow. Sexay taggd in now and he puts his boots in Jeff's midsection. Sexay goes for a splash in the corner, but Jeff moves. Both guys tag and Matt meets Scotty with right hands. Matt his a suplex for a two. Double DDT by Sexay on The Hardyz and Scotty gets a two count on Matt. Jeff hits poetry in motion on Sexay then they attempt on Scotty but Scotty moves. Scotty hits a bulldog on Matt and hits the W-O-R-M. Scotty gets a two count and Matt gets his foot on the ropes. Edge and Christian come down and Edge tries to spear Matt, but Matt moves and he nails Scotty. Jeff jumps in and hits the Swanton Bomb to keep the titles.

Winners - Hardy Boyz , still Tag Champs!

9/25/2000 Hardy Boyz(c) vs. Edge and Christian *Tag Team Title ladder match*

Edge and Christian bring a ladder down and try to get the belts before the Hardyz hit the ring. The Hardyz fly down and stop Edge and Christian. They pile Edge and Christian in the corner and Jeff hits poetry in motion. They set the ladder up between Edge and Christian's leg and Jeff drop kicks it crotching them. Matt tries to keep Edge and Christian down while Jeff gets the belts. Jeff has his hand on it, but Matt gets thrown into the ladder knocking Jeff down. Edge sets the ladder across the turnbuckle and Matt gets dropped on it face first. Edge goes outside and throws another ladder in the ring. Christian stomps on Jeff then they put him between the legs of the ladder sandwhiching him. They stand the ladder up and put him in the corner. Christian hits his own version of poetry in motion smashing Jeff in the ladder. Edge sets up the ladder while Christian sets his up. They put them side by side and start to climb, but Matt and Jeff throws another ladder in the ring. They throws the third ladder up at the backs of Edge and Christian who are near the titles. Matt sets his ladder up that is well over 20 ft tall. Jeff climbs the smaller ladder and gets his hand on the belt, but Christian pulls him down. Matt scoop slams Christian and he climbs the taller one. Matt climbs the ladder and calls for the drop shot, but pulling the gusn, but Edge knocks him down. Jeff grabs the belts and hangs on. Christian pulls the ladder away and Edge jumps off another ladder and spears Jeff who's hanging by only the tag belts. Lita hits the ring and nails Edge with a chair, but Christian hits a hangmans' neckbreaker on her. Christian is left in the ring by himself and he sets up the 20 footer, but he doesn't have the energy to climb. Matt is busted open and bleeding profusly while trying to climb back in the ring. Edge stumbles around the outside and Matt gets back in the ring. Matt strikes Christian with right hands to get himdown and they trde right hands. Edge finds Jeff on the outside and climbs a ladder. Jeff hits a clothesline off the top of the lader. Christian gets Matt down and he climbs the ladder. Christian gets his hand on the belt,but Matt catches him and hits a side suplex off the ladder coming close to hitting their necks on the bottom rope. Edge crawls back in the ring and Matt gets up. Matt crawls to the ladder and starts to climb. Edge hits a diamond cutter off the ladder on Matt. Edge starts climbing the ladder and Christian throws a chair in the ring. Edge gets his hand on them, but Matt gets up and hits a powerbomb off the ladder. Matt adjusts the ladder and starts to climb. Christian low blows Matt with the chair, buthe stays on. Edge and Christian set up the two smaller ladders on either side of Matt. They both have chairs in their hands as they climb the ladder. Matt gets his energy back and starts to climb, but Edge cuts him off again. Edge and Christian get up to Matt's height and they set up the conchairto, but Lita and Jeff get back in the ring and tip over their ladders throwing Edge and Christian out of the ring. Matt grabs the both belts for the win.

Winners - Still Tag Team Champs the Hardyz!!!!!!

8/7/2000 Matt Hardy and Acolytes vs. Big Show and Edge and Christian

Matt goes right after Edge. Matt kicks Edge down near the ropes. Matt whipped, but he hits a swinging DDT. Christian in and he gets leveled. Matt goes after Show,but Show headbutts him. Christian in and he gets double teamed. Bradshaw breaks up the count. Christian goes for a powerbomb,but Matt counters with a side russian leg sweep. Bradshaw tagged in and he takes out both Edge and Chrisitian. Big Show and Farooq both in and the Acolytes take Big Show down with a double elbow. Show goesout and grabs the tag title belts. He takes out both Acolytes with the belt and gets DQ'd.

Winners: Matt Hardy and Acolytes by DQ

7/31/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian *Tag Title Match*

Edge says "Greetings to all of our fans in ATLANTA". He mentions John Rocker and then goes on to praise the Braves. Then he says above all else, the Braves are known at the "Yankee's PERSONAL B*TCHES"! They both put on a Yankees Jersey and pose for the polaroids(how sweet). Hardy Boyz hit the ring and come out firing. Hardy Boyz gain advantage, Jeff Hardy does high-risk maneuver off of top rope onto Christian out side. Jeff goes for cover...1..2...kickout. Jeff still with advantage. Edge and Matt are tagged in, Matt goes for cover, kickout. Edge and Matt continue to battle. Edge and Christian does tag team move. Lawler praises them. Matt Hardy does over the rope DDT onto the outside mat on Christian. Jeff and Matt team up on Edge/Christian with series of high-flying moves. Lita comes out, does Huricaranna to Christian. Hardies do Twist of Fate and then the mooosault..1...2...wouldve won, Christian pulls ref out. Edge comes in with chairs and double team and get disqualified to for double chair shot to the head of Jeff Hardy.

Winners : Hardy Boyz by DQ

7/24/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Edge and Christian *Tag Title Match*

The action starts on the aisle with the two challenges attacking the champs. The Dudleyz work on Edge and The Hardyz go after Christian. Buh-Buh left in the ring with Edge. He hits a hot shot then hits the ropes, but Christian trips him up. Edge tags in Christian and Christian puts the boots to Buh-Buh. Right hands by Christian and he tags Edge. Edge with a boot and a series of right hands. Edge calls for the belt and Christian throws it to him. Referee Jimmy Corderais stops it. Buh-Buh with right hands and Edge rakes his eyes. Christian tagged back in and they get a double clothesline from Buh-Buh. All three guys down and Buh-Buh makes a tag to D-Von who cleans house. Inverted DDT by D-Von for a two count on Christian. Edge thrown out of the ring by Buh-Buh and they pick Christian up for the Doomesday Device. Matt breaks the count and that taeks the ref's attention. D-Von hits the headbutt to the crotch. The Hardyz charge and both get taken out by Buh-Buh. Buh-Buh says wassssssupppp and calls for wood. Jeff takes the Hardyz out. Christian holds Matt for Edge's spear, but Matt moves and Christian gets nailed. Matt hits the twist of fate on Edge and Jeff hits the Swanton, but Jeff gets pulled out. The Dudleyz hit 3-D on Jeff, but Matt hits the leg drop for the save. Christian jumps in and makes the cover to retain the titles.

Winners: Edge and Christian

7/17/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz

The Dudleys' music is playing and they are on their way to the ring. They are set for tag team action against the Hardy Boyz! The Hardys storm to the ring and the match is on! D-Von pairs off with Matt, and Buh Buh takes care of Jeff. D-Von whips Matt to the corner, and Matt gives him a boot to the face. D-Von perches Matt on the second rope, but he is unable to do anything as Matt shoves him down. Matt jumps off with a leg drop, and then he tags in Jeff. Jeff and Matt double team D-Von Dudley and then Jeff pins D-Von for a two count. D-Von whips Jeff off the ropes, and he catches him with an elbow. D-Von tags in Buh Buh Ray Dudley, and Buh Buh goes to work on Jeff with some right hands. Buh Buh backs Jeff into the corner and he rips his shirt open and then chops away on him. Buh Buh whips Jeff off the ropes, and he gives him a high back body drop as the fans chant "We want tables!" Matt distracts the referee and the Dudley Boyz double team Jeff Hardy with a clothesline off of Buh Buh's shoulders. Buh Buh grabs Matt and he slams him down to the mat. Behind the referee's back, D-Von jumps off the top rope with a head butt to Matt's groin. Buh Buh yells to D-Von to get the table, and the Dudley Boyz get out of the ring and they both get tables and Buh Buh sets his up at ringside, and D-Von brings his into the ring. The Dudley Boyz start to set up the table in the ring and Steven Richards comes out and takes the table from the ringside area. D-Von goes after Steven, and Buh Buh tells him to get back here. Matt goes to the top rope and jumps on Buh Buh on the outside of the ring. D-Von comes back to the ringside area, and a ladder is in the ring. Jeff sets it up in the ring and he jumps off the ladder onto the Dudley Boyz and his own brother! T&A and Trish Stratus come out to the ringside area, and they stomp away on the Hardy Boyz. Trish puts Lita in the ring and she tells T&A to set up the table and ladder in the ring. Test goes to power bomb Lita through the table, but Albert tells Test to put her on the table. Trish climbs to the top of the ladder, and she gets ready to jump off when Lita gets up and climbs the ladder and grabs Trish's hair. Lita goes to suplex Trish off the ladder, and Trish shoves Lita off through the table, and the Hardy Boyz are there to attend to Lita.

Winners: No Contest

7/10/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Too Cool vs. T&A

Too Cool's music is playing, and we are ready for a three team elimination tag team match up on a night that the Commissioner is 10,000 miles away! Too Cool are going against T&A and the Hardy Boyz in this contest. Lita comes out to the ring with the Hardy Boyz and Trish Stratus is with T&A!. T&A and the Hardy Boyz go at it and Too Cool joins in and Lita chases Trish Stratus around the ring. The Hardy Boyz gives Test a double team suplex, and then Too Cool gives Albert a double kick to the gut. Too Cool gives Albert a double team DDT, and then Scotty pins Albert for a two count. Albert picks Scotty up over his head, and Scotty gets himself down, and Albert knocks Scotty down from behind. Albert goes off the ropes, and he goes for a big splash, but he misses. Scotty 2 Hotty gives Albert an elbow, and then he tags in Grandmaster Sexay. Grandmaster goes off the ropes, and he gives Albert a clothesline. Grandmaster goes for another clothesline, but Albert gives him a big boot. Albert tags in Test, and Test hammers away on Grandmaster Sexay. Test whips Sexay to the corner, and Sexay gives Test a foot to the face, followed by an elbow. Sexay gives Test a tornado DDT, and then Test tags in Matt Hardy. Sexay grabs Matt from behind and gives him a back suplex. Sexay whips Matt to the corner and he charges at him, and Matt is able to move out of the way. Matt goes to the second rope, and he jumps off with a leg drop on Sexay. Matt pins Sexay for a two count and then he tags in his brother, Jeff. The Hardy Boyz double team Grandmaster Sexay and then Jeff pins Sexay for a two count. Jeff kicks Sexay in the gut, and Sexay fights back with a few kicks of his own. Jeff whips Sexay off the ropes, and Sexay fires back with a shoulder block. Sexay grabs Jeff from behind and he goes for a back drop, but Jeff is able to get out of it. Jeff jumps at Sexay, and he knocks him down, and both men wind up down. Sexay picks Jeff up and he tosses him over the top rope to the outside of the ring where Test is there to meet him. Test picks Jeff up and he drops him across the security wall, and then he rolls Jeff back into the ring. Test and Albert then double team Jeff Hardy, and Albert splashes him in the corner and Test gives him a big boot. Albert pins Jeff Hardy for a two count, and Albert complains to the referee for a slow count. Albert tags in Test, and Test hammers away on Jeff Hardy. Test slams Jeff's head into the turnbuckle, and he gives him a number of right hands, and kicks. Test picks Jeff Hardy up and he gives him a scoop slam. Test then goes to the second rope, and goes for an elbow drop, but Jeff is able to get his feet up into the face of Test. Jeff jumps over and tags in Matt, and Matt gives Test some right hands. Test whips Matt to the corner, and Matt gives Test an elbow. Matt goes off the second rope with a clothesline, and then Test goes to give Matt a pump handle power slam, but Matt gets out of it and gives Test the Twist of Fate. Matt tags in Jeff, and Jeff gives Test the swan-ton bomb. Albert gets in the ring and gives Jeff a choke power bomb, and then Test pins Jeff Hardy to eliminate the Hardy Boyz. After that, Trish and Lita get in a fight, and Albert gets Lita off of Trish. Albert holds Lita and Trish gives her a clothesline. Matt jumps at Albert, and Albert catches him, and Jeff jumps onto Albert to take him down. Test gives Grandmaster Sexay a back body drop over the top rope to the outside of the ring and then Scotty gives Test a bulldog, followed by an attempt at the worm. Tazz enters the ring and chokes out Scotty 2 Hotty and then he tosses him into the middle of the ring. Test then goes off the top rope with an elbow drop on Scotty 2 Hotty and he pins him to get the win.

Winners: T&A

7/3/2000 Jeff Hardy vs. Val Venis

Jeff Hardy and Lita are on their way to the ring and Jeff is going against Val Venis in this one on one match. Trish Stratus comes out with Val Venis, and she remains in his corner for the match. Val goes to lock up, but Jeff ducks under and then he nails Val with some right hands. Jeff whips Val off the ropes, and he goes for a back body drop, but Val kicks him in the chest. Val Venis drops Jeff into the top rope, and then Jeff gives Val a back body drop to the outside of the ring. Jeff goes off the ropes, and he jumps over the top into Val Venis. Jeff jumps onto the security wall, and then he jumps on Val Venis from there. Val picks Jeff Hardy up and he slams him face first into the steel steps. Val gets in the ring as Lita cheers Jeff Hardy on. Val suplexes Jeff Hardy into the ring and then he pins him for a two count. Val slams Jeff's head into the turnbuckle, and then he nails him with a hard right hand. Val hits Jeff with more right hands, and then he stomps him down in the corner. Val whips Jeff off the ropes, and he gives him an elbow, and then a knee drop. Val pins Jeff Hardy for a two count, and then he puts Jeff in some type of submission type maneuver. Jeff fights his way back to his feet and then he gives Val some body shots as Val backs Jeff into the ropes. Val gives Jeff a knee to the gut and then Jeff nails him with some right hands. Jeff Hardy gives Val Venis a sleeper hold, but Val Venis gives Jeff a power bomb into a pin for a two count. Val gives Jeff Hardy a body slam, and then he goes to the second rope and goes for a move, but Jeff moves out of the way. Jeff springs himself onto Val and then he pins him for a two count. Jeff gives Val Venis a reverse twist of fate, and then he goes to the top rope and nails Val with the swan-ton bomb. Trish gets on the apron and Lita knocks her down. Tazz gets in the ring and he chokes out Jeff Hardy and then he tosses him down to the mat. Val Venis goes to the top rope and gives Jeff Hardy the Money Shot to get the win!

Winner : Val Venis

6/26/2000 #1 Contendership Battle Royal

After coming back from the break, Kaentai and the Dudleys were eliminated. Too Cool and the Hardys were then eliminated, leaving The Acolytes, Brown and Saturn, and T&A. Bradshaw eliminated Test and then Saturn, giving The Acolytes the win and the number one contender's spot for the tag straps.

Winners: Acolytes

6/19/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Kane

Before the match starts, Rock is shown looking on. Jeff starts this one by kicking Kane in the gut followed by punches, but nothing phases Kane. Kane throws Jeff in the corner and drives the elbow into Jeff's head. Kane throws Jeff across the ring with a hiptoss. Jeff tries to crawl to Mat, but Knae whips him and after a few misses, Kane puts Jeff in a military press. Undertaker is shown chilling backstage and looking on. Kane whips Jeff and when Kane puts his had down, Jeff jumps over and tags in Matt. Matt goes right after the thigh muscle and knee of Kane. Kane gets the big boots up and puts Matt in the corner. Kane drags Matt back to the middle of the ring and levels him with a forearm. Kane goes for a suplex, but Matt falls out and makes a blind tag to Jeff. Jeff leaps off Matt's back for a crossbody then they double team Kane. Kane whips Jeff and gets the boot up again and follows it up with a sidewalk slam. Kane goes to the top rope and hits the flying clothesline. He goes for the cover, but Matt breaks it up. Kane knocks Matt off the aprong, but Jeff came in and sent Kane over the top rope. Jeff charges, but Kane sends him over. Matt hits the ropes and comes back with a DDT. Jeff goes for the guardrail plancha, but Kane grabs him in a chokeslam. Matt came off the apron and knocked him lose. Jeff hit a plancha over, but still couldn't knock the big man down. Matt was set up for the twist of fate, but Kane countered and set him on the top rope. The Hardyz double team Kane and can't even get a near fall. Jeff kicks Kane then goes to the top for the Swanton, but Kane sat up and Jeff hit nothing but canvas. Matt gets back in and Kane tries to hit the tombstone, but couldn't get him all the way on his shoulder so he turns it into a powerslam. Jeff breaks the count and Jeff tries to jump off Matt's back, but Kane moved and Jeff landed on the second rope. Jeff SLIPPED ON THE ROPE!! and landed awkward on his neck. Kane picks up with win after a chokeslam on Matt.

Winner: Kane

6/12/2000 Jeff Hardy vs. Christian *KOTR Qualifier*

Jeff is still in the ring and down after getting hit by Benoit. Jeff is not totally there and in no shape to fight. Christian goes right after Hardy and hits a gutbuster right away. Chrisitan hits some rights then goes for a rolling vertical suplex. Jeff counters the third with an inside cradle and gets the two. Christian hits a facebuster for a near fall. Jeff goes for th emoonsault and misses, but lands on his feet. Christian charges, but Jeff moves and Christian hits the post. Christian gets shoved off the top turnbuckle by Jeff an dJeff stands up, but Edge gets involved. Edge gets kicked down, but Christian gets time to get up for a superplex. Jeff rolls through it and gets an inside cradle and the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

6/12/2000 Matt Hardy vs. Chris Benoit *IC Title*

The lock up collar and elbow and they back Benoit into the corner. Benoit with an arm wrench and Matt turns him over. Series of reversals by the two and Matt knocks Benoit down with a clothesline. Matt gets his elbow up on a Benoit charge then hits a moonsault off the top for a near fall. Matt goes to the top again, but Benoit goes after him. Matt stops Benoit and goes to the second rope for a leg drop and the two count. Suplex by Benoit, but Matt rolls through and goes for a sunset flip, but Benoit rolls through it, lands on his feet and hits the clothesline on Matt. Snap suplex by Benoit and another near fall. Matt with a siderussion leg sweep after he counters a waist lock. Benoit gets up and knocks Matt right back down. Side suplex by Benoit, but Matt counters into a lateral press. Gut wrench into a shoulder breaker by Benoit and Benoit goes to the top rope. He goes for the flying headbutt,but Matt saw it coming and moved. Matt gets up with three hard right hands. Benoit hits a hotshot and Matt lands on the tope. Benoit tries to suplex Matt over the rope but Matt lands on the apron. Matt suplexes Benoit over the rope onto the floor. Benoit thrown into the apron and Matt charges. Benoit back body drops Matt right into the ropes. Matt springs off and hits a DDT on Benoit. Benoit thrown back in the ring and Matt goes to the top, but Benoti moves. Matt lands on his feet and they tie up and counter each others moves. Benoti hits a superplex and both men go down. Benoit starts the rolling german suplexes, but can't get the third off. Benoit instead goes for a vertical suplex, but Matt goes over. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but Benoit counters into the Crippler Crossface.Matt taps out.

Winner: Chris Benoit

6/5/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Bossman and Bull

Jeff starts the match with Bossman and the lock up, but Bossman gets a boot up to gain the advantage. Jeff whipped and he ducks outside. Bossman follows and Jeff jumps back in and makes a blind tag. Hardyz double team Bossman,b ut Bull comes in and levels Matt. Bull with a series of rights on Matt then a boot to the face. Bossman tagged in and they hit a double elbow. Bossman goes for the cover and only gets two. Bossman gouges Matt's eyes and hits on him in the corner. Lita is shown watching backstage once again. Bossman makes the tag and Matt meets Bull's boot. Bull hits a backbreaker then misses the leg drop. Jeff tagged in and he goes right to the top with the crossbody. Bossman in and Jeff hits a drop toe hold. Matt goes for the twist of fate, but Jeff had already been knocked off the ropes. Jeff jumps back in the ring and hits the swanton on Bull for the win while Matt keeps Bossman from getting back in the ring.

Winners: Hardy Boyz

5/29/2000 Hardy Boyz and Chris Jericho vs. T&A and Val Venis

Jericho and Venis start with a collar and elbow. Val backs jericho intot he corner then they trade slaps. Val gets a spinning heel kick and a bulldog. Jericho slaps Val on the ropes, but Val whips him right into Albert who hits Jericho in the back of the neck. Venis hits a spinebuster then he tags Albert. Albert with the press slam and he throws Jericho down hard. Albert puts Jericho in the corner and he tags Test. Test whips Albert into Jericho then Test about takes off Jericho's head. During this match, Steph is watching the action in the back. test gets a near fall. Jericho hits a flying forearm then tags Matt. Mat takes out Test and then hits a flying DDT on Albert. Jeff in the ring and he takes ut Albert. Jeff jumps off Matt's back and Mat goes for the cover. Val makes the save. Jricho goes off the top for a drop kick. Matt hits the twist of fate on Test, but Trish stops Jeff from hitting the Swanton with her boot. Matt tries to bring Trish in the ring, but Albert hits a powerbomb on Matt and pulled Test on top of him for the cover.

Winners:T&A and Val Venis

5/22/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. T&A

The match gets underway with all four men in. Jeff beats Test in the corner and then the Hardyz double team Albert. Jeff and Test start and Test opens up on Jeff in the corner. Jeff hits a drop toe hold dropping Test face first on the turnbuckle. Matt tagged in and they double team Test. Matt gets whipped and Trish grabs his leg. Matt looks at her and Albert knocks him down. Albert tagged in and a T & A hit a double team flapjack. Shoulder block from Albert followed by an attempted powerbomb. Matt falls out and calls for the twist of fate, but Albert drives him into the corner. Matt gets his feet caught and Albert does a giant airplaine spin. Both guys dizzy and Albert tags Test. Knock down by Test and he tags Albert back in. They go for the double flapjack again, but Matt counters and hits a double DDT. Jeff tagged in and he take both guys out with a corkscrew moonsault. Baseball slide through to take Albert out and Matt takes Test outside. Matt hits a suicide plancha then works on Test more. Trish tries to punch Matt, but he blocks. Trish throws Matt into the steps and knocks him out. Jeff knocks Albert down and he goes up for the swanton. Trish has the ref distracted on the other side of the ring and Test hits a flying elbow and pulls Albert on top for the win.

Winners: T&A

5/15/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Acolytes vs. Edge and Christian(c) *Tag Team Titles*

The cameras still search the arena even though E/C come down the ramp. Christian says the WWF Tag Team champions so have a treat for everyone with flash photography. Edge says for five seconds only, they will unviel the pose they call "The Cleveland Indians Relief Pitcher" which is a pitcher looking over his shoulder like a homerun was just hit. The Hardyz start beating on the Acolytes and Bradshaw gets a near fall, but Christian interupts the count. Edge in the ring and he knocks down Matt and Bradshaw stops the count. The Acolytes double team Edge then the Hardyz come in and souble team Edge. Jeff gets a two count. Jeff gets tossed on the ropes by a backbody drop and a tag was made to Christian. A double team splash was followed by a two count by Christian. Jeff hits a sky twisting moonsault and Christian makes the tag to Edge while Jeff tags Matt. Matt hits a neckbreaker on Edge and drop kicks Bradsahw and Christian. Matt left in the ring with Edge and he hits teh Twist of Fate. The Acolytes double team Jeff on the outside. Christian gets in the ring and hits the reverse DDT (Tomikaze) and Edge makes the cover.

Winners: Edge and Christian

5/8/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. The Radicalz

Double team starts us off. A Pair in each corner. Hardyz turn the tide and kick out Saturn. Matt with a slam on Malenko, tags in Jeff and they hit the Event Omega on Malenko. Only gets a 2 count. Malenko recovers and beats on Jeff. Saturn tagged in. Brings him into the corner, Jeff shoves him off and hits a corkscrew dive. Double Tag and Matt punches Dean. Shoulder back toss on Malenko. Saturn comes in but is thrown out. JEff hits the run around the Barrier dive onto Saturn. Back in, Jeff goes for the Swanton, but Matt can't hit the Twist of Fate. Radicalz prepare they're respective finishes. Matt gets away from Saturn. Saturn kicks but hits Malenko by accident. Jeff goes up top and hits the Swanton Bomb. The cover and the Hardyz take the win. After the match, the Radicalz are still mad at each other. Chyna and Eddie come down to make peace but are attacked by Saturn and Malenko, who remain angered at each other and the refs come out to separate them.

Winners: Hardy Boyz

5/1/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Too Cool

Matt and Scotty start with a collar elbow tie-up. Bell-to-back suplex by Scotty and he dances over to Sexay for the tag. They double team Matt and then drop the double elbwo. Sexay puts Matt on the turnbuckle, but before he gets to do anything. Matt hits a DDT. Matt tags Jeff and Jeff flips off the top rope. Sexay hits a reverse russian leg sweep and dances. Sexay thrown into the corner and knocked to his butt by Jeff. Jeff hits a sitdown springboard moonsault. Scotty tagged in and he hits a flip drop kick. Scotty whips Jeff in the corner and then htis a bulldog. Scotty was setting up the worm, but a blind tag was made to Matt. Matt hits a neckreaker. Matt tags Jeff back in right away. Jeff holds Scotty's legs and does a sit down leg drop while Matt jumps off the middle rope for a leg drop. After a choke on the ropes, Sexay is tagged in a cleans house. Sexay hits a double bulldog and gets a two. Sexay gets tossed in the corner and Jeff jumps off Matt's back. They go to do the same with Scotty, but Sexay stops it. Scotty gets up out of the corner and bulldogs Matt. Scotty hits the worm and then hits some rights on Jeff. After a whip, Matt hits the twist of fate on Scotty. Sexay gets back in the ring and Matt goes to set him up for a swinging neckbreaker while Jeff sets up for the swanton. Sexay tosses Matt into the ropes and knocks Jeff off. Sexay hits a superkick on Matt for the win.

Winners: Too Cool

4/24/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Crash and Hardcore Holly

Hardcore has promised on the Holly family name he will not attack Crash tonight for the Hardcore title. Matt and Hardcore start and Holly beats Matt to the ground. Holly hits a powerslam and gets a near fall. Matt gets whipped and recieves an elbow from Hardcore. Matt whipped into the corner and gets beat down. After another whip and an elbow to Holly's face, Matt hits a legdrop from the second rope. Hardcore puts his head down too early after a whip and gets kicked, but gets up and knocks Matt down. Crash tagged in and scoop slams Matt. Crash goes to the top and ends up with a foot in his groin. Mat makes the tag as does Crash. Jeff chops Hardcore down and throws him into the corner. Jeff jumps off Matt's back for a leg to the throat and a two count broken up by Crash. Matt throws Crash out. Matt suplexes Hardcore aand Jeff goes to the top. Crash gets a cookie sheet and knocks him down. Hardcore rolles up Jeff and gets the three count.

Winners: Crash and Hardcore Holly

After the match, the Hardy's brought Crash back into the ring and tried for a double suplex which leads to.....

4/24/2000 Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Crash Holly *Hardcore Title*

Matt is thrown outside and Jeff gets Crash down and hits a sit down springboard moonsault. Saturn comes down and breaks up that count and gets a two of his own. Tazz comes down and breaks that one up. Jeff Hardy goes up and hits the Swanton and Matt covers him and becomes the new hardcore champion!

Winner: *New Hardcore Champion* Matt Hardy

4/17/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Essa Rios and Eddie Guerrero

Eddie and Rios start on on the attack and Mat gets thrown out. Rios hits a drop kick after a little boost from Eddie. Essa and Jeff start. Short clothesline by Rios followed by a snapmare and a kick to the back of the head. Eddie tagged in and he kicks Jeff. Eddie hits a leg to the face on Jeff and a EDDY SUCKS chant starts. Side suplex by Eddie for a two count. Jeff is thrown outside right in front of Chyna. Chyna hits an elbow to the face. Jeff back in the ring and Essa tagged in. Jeff jimps Eddie, but runs right into a drop kick from Rios. Eddie tagged in again and hits a plancha on Jeff. Jeff finally gets some offense with a tilt-a-whirl slam then tags in Matt. Matt cleans house and they hit a double flapjack on Eddie. Rios is thrown over the top rope and Jeff hits an over the top crossbody. Matt hits the Twistof Fate on Eddie Jeff goes for the Swanton. Chyna knocks him down and and crothces him on the ropes. The match continues and Eddie and Mat are left in the ring. Eddie knocks Matt down and Lita goes up for a moonsault. Eddie gets in the way and he gets hit instead. Matt gets up and hits the Twist of Fate on Eddie. Matt gets the three count before Essa can make the save.

Winners: Hardy Boyz

4/10/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. T&A

Matt starts it out and hits a moonsault on Test for a two count. Test then takes control with a devestating Gut-Wrench Powerbomb,then tags out to Albert. Albert manhandles Matt in the corner. Then Albert climbs to the second rope but misses an elbow drop! Matt tags out to Jeff now and Jeff comes off the top rope with a missle dropkick to Albert. Then a hurricanrana by Jeff on Albert. Jeff then goes to hurricanranna Test but Test reverses it into a powerbomb. The count 1....2... but Jeff kicks out. Then Matt knocks Test out of the ring and the Hardy's double up on Albert in the ring. Matt then hits the twist of fate on Albert while Jeff is perched on the top rope. Swanton Bomb by Jeff onto Albert for the 1.2.3.

Winners: Hardy Boyz