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WWF Unforgiven 9/24/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian *Tag Team Titles Cage Match*

Lita did not come out to the ring with the Hardys. Match gets underway quickly. Hardys double team Christian. Jeff makes it to the top of the cage. Edge crotches Jeff on the top of the cage and Jeff eventually falls to the ground. Jeff is out of the match now since his feet hit the floor. Matt ties up Edge in the ropes. Matt climbs to the top. Edge and Christian chase after him. Double suplex off the top rope on Matt for a two count. Edge and Christian throw Matt face first into the cage which knocks Jeff off the ring apron. Jeff climbs to the top of the cage. Christian knocked Jeff back out from the top. Jeff assaults the ringside ref and takes the key away from him. Jeff unlocks the door and half way enters but Christian slams the door in his face. Christian locks the cage door back and puts the key down his pants. Matt is busted open. Double team on Matt in the corner. Double clothesline by Matt. Matt climbs the cage. Edge stops Matt. Christian climbs out of the cage and he is now out of the match. Edge with a top rope bulldog on Matt. Jeff sets up a ladder in front of the ring and begins to climb it. Jeff and Edge fight on top of the cage. Matt grabs Edge and does a belly to back. Jeff stands on top of the cage. Swanton corkscrew off the top of the cage on Edge which takes out Matt. Lita comes out and does a huricanrana on Christian off the top of the ladder onto the floor. Edge climbs the cage. Hardys chase after him with chairs. Double chair shot on Edge. Edge does the nestea plunge from the top of the cage. Hardys climb down and win the match.


Fully Loaded 7/23/2000 Hardy Boyz and Lita vs. T&A and Trish

The match kicks right as the opponents hit the ring. After the ref calmed down the match, Prince Albert and Matt Hardy started out first in the ring. Matt and Prince went neck and neck until a few botched moves by Matt Hardy and Prince capitalizing on those mistakes. After capitalizing Prince tagged out to Test. Test immediately started where Prince left off until a botched move of his own allowing Matt to get the tag to Jeff. Jeff came in with excellent momentum but it was shattered after a sidewalk slam by Test, which sent Jeff to the outside in retreat. On the outside, Jeff used his speed to regain strength and then took control once he climbed back into the ring. From there Trish was sent to the ring and immediately was almost pinned. Albert made sure that he was there in time to break it up, but from that point it was all Hardy Boyz. The Hardy Boyz had full control of this match double-teaming everyone and even letting Lita get some shoots in. Their reign in control ended after a step away that sent Matt flying. Test and Prince Albert then both double-teamed the lonely Jeff Hardy. Albert finally left the ring after a while and left Test in the ring to slow the pace. Jeff got out of the sleeper hold and was able to tag his tag team partner Matt Hardy in. Matt entered the ring but was brought down quickly by Test with a pump handle slam. Test almost got the pin but Jeff made the save. Lita was then tagged in the ring and immediately executed a Tornado DDT to Test, she then executed a cross body from the outside onto Prince, then climbed the ropes again and Frankensteinered Test but only got a two. Lita was taken down by Test, but instead of going for the pin Test tagged in Trish. Trish and Lita went at it until Lita finally took control and superplexed Trish off the top rope. From their Lita then went up to the top rope and executed a moonsault perfectly.

Winners : Hardy Boyz and Lita

KOTR 6/25/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Too Cool vs. T&A vs. Edge and Christian

Edge and Christian made fun of Bill Bucknor's error in the 1986 World Series. Jeff Hardy opened the match up with Albert. Albert picked up Jeff and gorilla press slammed him. Jeff ran to the outside, Albert followed, and Jeff got back in and tagged Matt. Albert knocked down Matt and tagged Test. T&A picked up Matt and dropped him face first to the mat. Test went for a pump handle, but Matt countered. He went for the Twist of Fate, but Trish distracted him. Matt took a shot at Trish, then Lita took Trish down. T&A went after Lita. Jeff hit the Swan Ton Bomb on Test and Matt pinned him to eliminate T&A. Matt Hardy was in the ring with Christian, when Matt nailed Christian with a right hand and leg drop off the second rope. Matt tagged Jeff. Jeff kicked Christian in the face. Edge came in and got taken down by The Hardy Boyz. Edge and Jeff took each other down with clotheslines. Lita took Edge down with a head scissors takeover. Moments later, Matt gave Christian the Twist of Fate, but Edge pulled him out of the ring. Jeff went for the Swan Ton Bomb, but Edge pulled him off the top rope and dropped his throat across it. Christian executed his finishing move (The Impaler?) on Matt, and then pinned him to eliminate The Hardy Boyz. Grandmaster sent Edge into the corner and sent Christian into him. Edge's head feel into Christian's testicles, and Grandmaster powerbombed Edge. Edge and Christian went for a double Worm on Grandmaster, but Scotty came in and took both of them down and gave Edge The Worm. Grandmaster nailed Edge with a leg drop, but Christian hit Grandmaster with a tag belt while the referee had his back turned.

Winners : Edge and Christian

WWF Insurrextion 5/6/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian *Tag Title Match*

Edge opened up the match by beating Matt Hardy to the ground. Jeff ran in to break up Edge's near fall on his brother Matt. The Hardy Boyz began to punish Edge and Christian and controlled them for nearly 10 minutes. Edge went to the outside and grabbed the ring bell and smashed Matt right across the face. The Dudleys rushed to the ring and executed a 3D on Christian. The Dudleys continue to their assault by driving Edge through a wooden table from the top rope.

Winners : Hardy Boyz by DQ

WWF BACKLASH 4/30/2000 Tazz vs. Saturn vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Crash Holly(c) *Hardcore Title*

Match starts off with Saturn suplexing Crash. Hardcore powerbombs Crash. Tazz with a suplex on Crash, Saturn makes the save. Crash tries to leave the arena, all the wrestlers follow him. So Crash starts climbing the steel Backlash structure in front of the entrance. Jeff Hardy swings off the steel structure with a head scissors takeover on Saturn. Hardys start double teaming Tazz. Hardcore hits Crash with a 2x4. Tazz hits Crash with the angry man's clothesline. Hardcore hits Crash with a street sign. Tazz starts attacking Crash again, Hardys interupt. Crash with a dropkick on Tazz. Crash with a sunset flip on Saturn, Tazz breaks up the count. Hardcore beats on Crash with an extension cord. Every time somebody makes a pin attempt somebody else breaks the count. Tazz with a suplex on Crash. Jeff Hardy with a legdrop with the cookie sheet on Crash's face. Jeff hit a springboard moonsault on Crash but the count was broken up. Hardcore hits Crash with a superplex. Saturn with a variation of the brainbuster on Crash. Hardcore slams Crash on a chair. Hardys bring a ladder in the ring and clothesline almost everybody with it. Hardys irish whip Hardcore into the ladder. Jeff sets up the ladder and does the sawnton bomb off it on Crash. No pin attempt as the Hardys start fighting for the pin. Tazz puts Crash in the tazmission, Saturn makes the save. Hardys knock Tazz and Saturn out. Crash rolls over on Tazz and gets the pin.

Winner: Crash Holly *Still Hardcore Champion*