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Benoit trying to lock the Crossface Cripller in on Matt

Alternate view of the Crippler Crossface

Matt landing a moonsault on his feet

Jeff taking a superplex from Christian

Jeff after getting hit in the face with the IC Title

Matt tapping to the Crippler Crossface

After affects of the suplex from inside to outside

Matt with a suplex from inside to OUTSIDE!!!

Matt landing chest first on the ropes

Matt rolling out of a Diving Headbutt

Matt taking a rough shoulder breaker

Matt taking a high angle back drop from Benoit

Matt coming off the ropes

Matt and Benoit all tangled up

Matt connecting with a moonsault to The Crippler Chris Benoit

Matt going over to a downed Benoit

Matt tangling it up with Chris Benoit

Matt hurt in the ring after a match

Matt sending Eddie Guerrero flying shoulder first on the mat

Matt taking a Norweigian Lights suplex

Matt and Eddie out in the ring

Matt catching Eddie going up the ropes

Matt hitting Eddie with a neckbreaker

Matt about to take a hurricanrana

Eddie with a pin on Matt

Matt looking at the crowd as he has Guerrero down

Matt and Eddie all tangled up in a move

Matt reversing Eddie's stunner like attempt

Matt hitting a snap mare on Eddie Guerrero

Both men hitting the mat hard

Matt coming to the ring on Smackdown!

Jeff after getting laid out by Benoit with his IC Title

Jeff shaking hands with Benoit

Jeff getting up looking tired

Jeff using the ropes to help him get up

Jeff out in the ring after a Crossface Crippler

Jeff tapping out while in a Crossface Crippler

Jeff getting sent to the mat

Swanton Bomb to Chris Benoit!

A Tope Con Hilo on Chris Benoit (Kool Picture)

Jeff knocking Benoit on his arse

Jeff on the ground with Benoit falling over

Jeff getting sent stomach first on the ropes

Jeff's Hair

Jeff in a Tree of Woe

Jeff getting kicked on the Tree Of Woe

Jeff about to be kicked in the Tree Of Woe

Jeff in pain on the ground

Jeff getting sent down hard on his back

Jeff hurting on the mat

Jeff getting sent over towards the turnbuckles

Jeff getting sent over with a back suplex

Jeff on the turnbuckle with the guns yelling to the fans

Jeff in his entrance