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Hardy Boyz enter the arena

Double team on Albert

Matt and Jeff getting knocked down

Test putting the boots to a hurt Jeff in the corner

A Leg Drop by Matt, and a Leg Drop to the groin from Jeff

Matt takes a double flap jack from T&A

Matt being powerbombed by Albert

Matt being swung around in circles

Test with a double clothesline on the Boyz

Jeff springing off the top rope for a corkscrew moonsault

Matt flying over the top rope with a suicide dive!

Matt staring down Trish Stratus

Swanton Bomb!!!!

Hardy Boyz on the top of the ramp taunting

Hardy Boyz walking down to the ring

Close up on their faces as they run to the ring

Matt giving the guns

Matt Hardy taking out T&A!

Matt back dropping Test out of the ring

Matt connecting on a suicide dive to the outside!

Jeff on contact hitting Albert with a swanton bomb!

The crowd goes wild for the Hardy Boyz

Matt and Jeff coming to the ring

Val Venis sending Matt head-first into a guardrail

Matt with a body-slam on Val Venis

Leg Drop to Val Venis by Matt

Matt takes a sit down Powerbomb from Val

Matt getting suplexed groin first into the Turnbuckle

Tornado DDT by Matt Hardy!

Matt takes a back drop from Val Venis

Twist Of Fate to Val Venis!

Jeff entering with the guns

Jeff Hardy looking out at the crowd on HeAt

Jeff blocking Esse Rios' punch from the apron

Jeff choking Esse Rios on the ropes

Jeff with a Leg Drop on Esse Rios who is drapped stomach first on the ropes!

Jeff hitting a snap suplex

Jeff getting ready to go to the top rope

Corkscrew Moonsault!!

Jeff takes a spinning heel kick to the face

Jeff lying on the mat

The Swanton Bomb!

Matt Hardy running to the ring

Side Leg Drop in the corner to Edge

Jeff going over the top rope to the outside

Jeff connecting with a Corkscrew Moonsault to Christian

Matt hitting a neck breaker on Edge

Jeff with a pescado to Bradshaw

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