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Hey everyone welcome to the first ever edition of my column I entitled , "MY VIEW" , becasue simply I just give my opinions on the wrestling world and other things. I'll basically talk about each promotion and then give my TOP 3 Wrestlers of each promotion (Opinion) at that time. Well here goes .... ~~~


Well after another Raw Is War the Rock remains champion , HhH and Kurt and #1 Contenders. Things are starting to pan out for Summerslam which could be a very exciting event.

Around the internet lately though , rumors through that there would be another 4 way at Summerslam with Jericho , HHH , Benoit , and the Rock. Well I am glad things didn't turn out that way after Raw because I got WM2000 and I personnally thought the 4 Way match sucked , period. So now I guess we have another 3 Way main event at Summerslam for the second year in a row . (Summerslam 1999 - Steve Austin vs. HHH vs. Mankind) Hopefully this main event will be great.

Haha tonight the Rock tried to pull off a NEW move to his minimal amount. The German suplex he did was poor and he almost killed the canadien crippler just like Benoit did to Sabu back in his ECW days. Well the match overall was pretty good as Benoit had the title won until Jericho ran in. Wow the WWF says they are giving the new talent a chance but they aren't coming through in the big matches.

Mick Foley's interviews and such just are hilarious. He cracks me up every time I watch him. People say the WWF is getting dull lately but when Foley is on he can make me laugh. I mean just to see a grown man in a golf cart with cactus's can make you wet yourself.


LANCE STORM. What can I say? This guy impresses me. 3 Championships and he just damn near had the World Title won tonight. But once again Booker T prevails . On Thunder though I expect a Lance Storm vs. Jeff Jarret after what happened on Nitro. That will be good.

Mike Awesome just pisses me off. Why would anyone hang around with the fat chicks. It makes me sick to my stomach. Also everytime he goes for the running powerbomb to the outside through a table , he never hits it. I guess nobody in WCW is man enough to take it. In ECW just about everyone will.

Here are my New Blood Rising predictions ---

Buff vs. Kanyon *Judy on a Poll Match* Kanyon
3 Count vs. Jung Dragons *2 Ladder match* 3 Count
Major Guns vs. Miss Hancock *ROTC Match* Miss Hancock
Shane Douglas vs. Billy Kidman Billy Kidman
Lance Storm vs. Mike Awesome *Canadien Title* Lance Storm
Kronic vs. MIA vs. Jindrak and O'Haire vs. The Perfect Event *Tag Title* Kronic
Sting vs. The Demon Sting
Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner Scott Steiner
Jeff Jarrett vs. Booker T *World Title* Jeff Jarrett

That is all this week from My View. Hope you enjoyed the column .... Later~~@~