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10/8/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Mean Street Posse *Tag Team Title*

Jeff and Pete Gas start and Jeff ties up behind. Drop kick by Jeff followed by a cross body block. Pete Gas gets a shot in and tags in Rodney. Jeff gets to Matt and makes the tag. Arm wrench by Rodney and he misses a clothesline. Right hand by Matt followed by a scoop slam. Jeff tagged back in and Matt hits the drop shot as Jeff low blows him. Double suplex on Gas who tried to interfere. Rodney rakes Jeff's eyes, but to no effect. Rodney throws Jeff through the second rope and Gas takes advantage on the outside. He throws Jeff back in and Gas tags in. Double back breaker by The Posse and Gas gets a two count. Rodney tagged in and he chokes Jeff on the middle rope. Gas takes advantage again while Rodney distracts the ref, but Lita throws a fore arm Gas's way. Rodney hits a double underhook suplex. He goes for amoonsault, but Jeff moves. Matt tagged in. He takes out Rodney and hits a neckbreaker on Gas who jumped in. Side suplex on Gas then Jeff hits Poetry in Motion. Rodney gets whipped into the corner and Jeff hits it again. Matt hits the twist of fate and Jeff goes up top, but instead of hitting the swanton, he jumps outside and nails Edge. Christian gets in the ring and hits the tamikaze on Matt. Rodney covers and gets a two count. Some how, Matt turns over and covers for the win.

Winners- Still Cahmps Hardyz

8/13/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. RTC

Jeff starts with Goodfather. Jeff leap frogs Goodfather and hits a missle drop kick. Drop toe hold by Jeff and he starts beating on the back of Goodfather had. Clothesline by Goodfather to send Jeff to the mat. Bull tagged in and he starts with right hands. Jeff flips over Bull then drop kicks him in the back. Matt tagged in and thedouble team from the Hardyz gets a two count. Right hands back Bull into the corner, but he whips Matt. Matt moves and Bull hits the turnbuckle. Matt hits the drop shot on Bull. Steven gets on the apron to distract the ref. Bull hits a scoop slam and an elbow on Matt. Goodfather tagged in. Goodfather with a big boot. Matt gets choked on the apron then Goodfather pulls him onto the apron. Matt lays with his head hanging out of the ring and Goodfather hits himwith forarms. Goodfather gets back in the ring and hits a ruthless clothesline. Jeff gets drawn in the ring and RTC double teams Matt. Backbreaker by Bull. Matt gets whipped, but he ducks a clothesline and hits a DDT. Both guys down and Jeff gets tagged in. Jeff hits a standing moonsault on Bull. Bull gets whipped and Jeff hits poetry in motion. Goodfather gets up and toss Jeff out of the ring. Godfather hits a hot shot. Lita in the ring and hits a moonsault. Jeff takes care of Goodfather by throwing him into the ring post. Matt hits the twist of fate and Jeff gets in and hits the Swanton Bomb.

Winners: Hardy Boyz

6/18/2000 Jeff Hardy vs. Val Venis *KOTR Match*

Val strikes first with a boot to the gut followed by the right hands. Val runs with Jeff across the ring and hits his head on the turnbuckle. Val then drops Jeff on the ropes and puts him in the corner. Val whips Jeff and Jeff hits a sprinboard corkscrew moonsault and gets a two count. Venis knocks Jeff down with an elbow then gets a two count. Venis with a right hand to the face then he steps on Jeff's face. Val picks Jeff up, but Jeff falls out and starts running the ropes. Finally, Jeff puts on a sleeper, but Venis countered with a sitdown powerbomb for a two count. Jeff hits a DDT on Venis and rolls over for the two count. Jeff with a series of rights then a back body drop. Jeff hits an elbow then goes to the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb. Jeff goes for the cover, but Trish puts Val's foot on the rope. Lita makes her way to the ring and chases Trish. Val hits a scoop slam and then goes out and grabs Lita. He chokes her while Trish hits her with a boot. Jeff tries to pull Trish int he ring, but instead, Val takes advantage with a fisherman suplex and picks up the win.

Winner: Val Venis

5/13/2000 Jeff Hardy vs. Esse Rios

Esse comes out first with Lita followed by Jeff. Esse starts off with some kicks and punches and hits a hurricanrrana on Jeff. Jeff then reverses a running Esse with a drop toe hold into the second turnbuckle. Jeff then flips Esse onto the ropes stomach first. 2 count for Jeff. Jeff hits a snap suplex on Esse then goes to the top rope. Jeff misses a corkscrew moonsault and Esse quickly covers him for a 2 count. Esse them slows things down with an eye gouge to Jeff. Esse then hits a spinning heel kick on Jeff which send him upside down into the turnbuckle in a tree of woe position. Esse then hits a baseball slide to the face of Jeff while he is in the tree of woe. Jeff is still tangled in the ropes and Esse takes advantage with several kicks to the stomach. Jeff breaks free but Esse gets him locked in a sleeper. Jeff reverses the sleeper into a nice jaw breaker that downs Esse. Esse tries to choke Jeff on the ropes but is flung to the outside. Jeff gets up onto the apron but misses a asai moonsault. Esse then takes control and downs Jeff. Esse then hits an asai moonsault on Jeff. Lita then attemps a asai moonsault but accidently hits Esse instead of Jeff . Jeff tosses Esse back into the ring and hits the Swanton Bomb for the 1 2 3.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

5/13/2000 Matt Hardy vs. Val Venis

They start by circling each other and tying up collar and elbow. They back into the ropes and roll along the ropes until Venis puts Matt in the corner. Val kicks the midsection then beats Matt down and puts the boot in his throat. Matt gets up with a clothesline and whips Venis. Matt hits a backbody drop. Matt goes for a suplex over the ropes, but Val counters and drops Matt face first on the apron. They go outside and Venis pounds on Matt. Matt whips Val into the steps and throws Venis back in. Scoop slam by Matt and he goes to the middle rope. The guns come out and Matt hits a legdrop for a nearfall. Val crawls to the ropes and Matt uses the middle rope to choke him. Matt puts his head down too soon after a whip and Venis kicks him in the face. Matt gets whopped from corner to corner then Venis hits a modified powerbomb for a nearfall. Hardy set on the turnbuckle and Val climbs up for a superplex. Val gets up and matt throws him off. Matt hits a tornado DDT from the middle rope and gets a near fall. Matt calls for the twist of fate, but Venis shoves him into the corner. Matt goes back on the attack and gets shoved off. Trish is shown with T & A She says Matt hasn't hit puberty yet, but she has her eye on Val. Back to the action. Matt hits a suplex and gets a nearfall. Albert makes his way ringside and distracts Tim White Matt hits the Twistof Fate and Test comes down and hits a superkick on Matt. Venis goes to the top and hits the money shot for the win.

Winner- Val Venis

4/23/2000 Hardy Boyz vs. Al Snow and Steve Blackman

Snow and Matt start the match with a collar and elbow tie up. After a take down, they trade hip tosses until gets control and heads Snow in the corner. Tag is made and Jeff is in for a double team. Blackman tries to interfere and gets a double team of his own. Jeff goes for a small package, but Snow turns it into a suplex. Blackman tagged in. Blackman gets drop kicked off the ring apron and Jeff hits a suicide plancha. Matt tagged in and Matt hits some rights before going after Snow who's on the apron. Blackman throws Matt out and Snow attacks. Jeff Hardy tries to help his brother and runs the rail. Blackman hits a spin kick that trips Jeff up. Matt thrown back in the ring and Blackman follows him for a two count. Double team from Snow and Blackman got another two that was broken up by Jeff. Matt gets up and beats on Snow in the corner. Matt pulled down by his hair and Snow goes for the snow plow. Matt falls out and tries to hit the twist of fate, but Snow hits a northern lights suplex. Snow goes up for a moonsault, but Matt moves. Both guys tag and Jeff Hardy cleans house. Hardy hits an atomic drop kick on Blackman then drop kicks for everyone. After a leap of Matt's back, Mattgets up and gets kicked by Blackman. Jeff is pulled out by Snow leaving Blackman and Matt in the ring. Blackman has Mat in a full nelson. Snow goes for an elbow, but Matt falls out and nails Blackman. Matt picks Blackman up and Jeff goes to the top for the Swanton for the three count.

Winners: Hardy Boyz