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Lytespirit's Native American Heritage

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O'siyo and Welcome

My name is Lytespirit.
My actual biological heritage
has been in question, having been adopted
by a wonderful couple who were
of English decent, at the age of 2 years.
Not having solid ancestrial information
has been difficult for me.
I have searched for
a place to belong.
I have found peace in my seaching
as a Native American Woman
Many things have contributed
to this conclusion.

I believe my complexion and appearance
is Native American.
My dress is mainly simple,
often adorned with minerals found
naturally and without mining.

I have a profound love for and
feel the need to protect all living things,
all human, animal, plant life
and mineral resources.
I am against abortion, capitol punishment,
strip mining and the overuse of
pesticides. I believe in the sanctity of all life.

I have a great desire for
Spiritual influences in my life.
I prefer to call this source of all life,
"The Great Spirit" or

Native American music speaks of my experiences
and often calms my soul.
My heart beats to its melodies and drums.
I am mesmerized by it.

I am drawn to the constitutions and
writings of other Native American people.
They often speak the words of
my own heart.

Now that you have come to know me
a little better,
you may reach your own conclusion.
I am comforted by my own!
I know The Great Spirit hears
the cries of my heart and He
hears yours, too.
MITAKUYE OYASIN - "We are all related"


"Being Indian is mainly in your heart.
It's a way of walking with the earth
instead of upon it.
A lot of the history books talk about us
Indians in the past tense, but
we don't plan on going anywhere...

We have lost so much,
but the thing that holds us together is
that we all belong to and are
protectors of the earth;
that's the reason for us being here.
Mother Earth is not a resource,
she is an heirloom."

~~David Ipinia, Yurok Artist, Sacramento, CA~~

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