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The Eggertsville Explorer Photo Album

These pictures are of the Eggertsville Hose Company Explorer Post 123. We recommend that you do not copy these pictures for a use other than this Angelfire site. If you do wish to use these pictures, contact me and we'll discuss this at a later date. Thank You.

Dan and Mike after donning their equipment at a recent training course.

Dan and Mike are 2 of the 8 members of this organization. This organization is looking for more members that live near Amherst,NY. If you live relatively close to Amherst, and are seriously thinking of becoming a volunteer firefighter,contact us so we can send you an application.

The rest of the group after their rendez-vous with the smoke house.

The res of the group includes (cut off) Steve, (left) Jason, and the others.

A picture of the course that Mike was completing at the Home page

Mike was the second person to complete this course for Eggertsville. After the course he stated, "My stupid pass alarm got caught in the first tunnel. But the instructor told me to break it. So I told him that I would if he paid for."