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Welcome to Yarborough

The white path leads up to the white iron gates, a sign that bore "Yarborough" just above the entrance. As you step within the gates, the eyes of the first pair of guards regard you with a bow of respect and leave their places to lead you down a long corridor filled with the warmth of the morning sun, a melodious laugh accompanied by harmonious giggles echoing through the hall.

And of course there stood the Lady FitzCant, Duchess of Yarborough in her usual white poets shirt and black leather pants, the title of Duchess having not affected her as many had thought it would have. Her raven waves were free to cascade down her back. Who could have known the two identical blonde girl were the woman's daughters? You couldn't from the doorway. The gentle clearing of one of those particular guard's throat came to gain the attention of the Duchess, and pale green pools moved up with renewed curiosity accompanied by a powerful voice that was unexpected of the petite woman. One quite used to the power the voice held stood smiling at her, grey pools remaining on her when she went to greet you.

Ah, but one must remember she had once been an untamed warrior with tainted Celtic blood. Still she trained, becoming more skilled with the Keltoi sword given to her at sixteen.

"Good day! Do come in and stay awhile. Rest your feet and let me be of service to you." And up she lifts her ivory hand to gesture towards the plush couches, sofas and chairs. "Shall I get you a drink? Even as you hesitate, she, herself moves for the bar that lined the south wall and pours glasses of wine to share. Meanwhile two pairs of seagreens take you under surveillance with smiles that told whom there mother was.

The Duchess returns with the full goblets of one of the best red wines and Ailinn, the head cook and head of the servant staffing, moves out with a platter of moist chocolate chip cookies, warm and freshly baked.

As you dine and dwine, you may exchange stories with the woman whom seemed merrity was in her nature, and it was. The key to life is optimism and that she had plenty off. You yawn which produces a yawn from her... and of course the pair, Brea and Aine, mimick their mother and yawn too.

"Perhaps we shall call it a day." With her never fading smile she nods at a servant who quickly strides to her side, ready to be of service at last. Surely the Duchess would let the servants do more of their work, but no one argued with the woman with only good intentions.

"I hope to see you in the morn. No worries about your horse, the dear has been taken care of already." And the servant then leads you up a flight of stairs and to the wing of guest rooms. When you come to the door of the chamber arranged for you, you could already smell the scent of roses and flowers. Then scent increases when the servant pushes the door open for you, her voice soft and gentle as she asks if anything else was needed.

The king sized bed with a white frame loomed in the center of the massive chamber, hiding only half of the japanese woven rug that covered the wooden floor. The light of the candle flames seemed to dance upon the walls which bore some pictures purchased from a gallery not far away. A chest stood at the end of the bed and on either side of the bed a matching set of nightstands. One one nightstand stood a wicker baskets of fruit and delicate chocalates in thanks for your visit and on the other lay stationary and a feathered quill. The wardrobe touched the frame of another set of doors made of glass that led out onto a balcony. There sat a pair of luxurious looking chairs and a table to match as well, which the moonlight only reflected off now.

The servant went down into a curtsy and left you to enjoy the room with a calming peace. A lyrical sound of a womans far off voice sent a magical aura about the place and when you fall asleep, an angel leaves his hiding place to guard your sweetest dreams.

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