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Welcome to DbzgtHeaven. This is a chat-combat style rpg and will get better as it goes on. The site masters of this rpg is Flare0080, and Yuguiri245. We advise that you go through all the links because they all play a great part in the rpg. Check out advanced attacks such as combos. Be sure to read the rules and the battling link. They are very helpful. This rpg will be updated very frequently. Please stay active in this rpg, because if your not you are just taking up space. I urge all new comers to read EVERYTHING before starting! It won't help you not to read things.

**UPDATE**- NO PERSON MAY JOIN AS A MADE-UP CHARACTER. Lately, I've been getting way too many e-mails about this, so, no, I am clearly stating right here that I do not allow people to join as charcters they make up. Why? Adding unknown people will make the DBZ rpg get confusing because your character never interacted with the other members on the show. One last thing, it is also annoying to have charcters that are similiar yet different. (ex: Vegeta and Bebi Vegeta) I am sorry, but I don't allow people to use charcters like this because i do not combine past, prensent, and/or future. Well, thanks for reading this and good bye!

Note: New members are urged to read the rules and the character info right away!

*Trunks* Plus, you can only send up to 5 sparring E-mails a day. And please try to not reach that limit everyday... only send your sparring emails to one of us. (flare0080 or yuguiri245)
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