World's Stupidest Conspiracies

World's Stupidest Conspiracies

If you would like to include any conspiracies, e-mail them.
All information about celebrities (especially ones who want to sue me for defamation of character) is completely false. See Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976 (17 U.S.C. 106, et seq.) if you have anymore questions.

The Martians on the Moon

Martians on the Moon I
Martians on the Moon II
Regis Philbin-"Screech" I
Regis Philbin-"Screech" II
The Fl-Fa-Be Baby
Gilligan's Feces and the Hut O' Shrimp
Gilligan and the Seven Deadly Sins
The Koobspiracy
The Dave Grohl Conspiracy

Psychic Gypsies

Dan Quayle
Billy Blanks (Tae Bo Guy)
Subway Series
Subway Series-Part II *This page is sponsered by Mad-Lib Corporation*
Psychic Gypsy Secret Agents
John Rocker
Sam-(S)he-Am and the Stream of Consciousness
Communist Guess Who I
Communist Guess Who II *Under Construction*

Other Conspiracies

Christopher Columbus & Swiss Cheese
Secret Agent Math Teacher
Secret Agent Math Teacher II
Petey Lee, the Hypnotic Guinea Pig
The EMHS Bell Conspiracy
Bert is Evil-Courtesy of
The Monopoly Guy
Sarah's Alter Egos *Under Construction*

World's Stupidest Conspiracies Political Party

Election Results

Announcing of the Creation the WSC Political Party
List of the WSC Party Candidates Announced!
Transcript of the WSC Presidential Deabte
New Poll Results and a Candidate Drops Out of the Race
Exclusive Interview with Presidential Candidate Jeeves
Post Election News Update

TV Shows That Plagarize This Site

Announcement of the lawsuit against Freakylinks Inc.
The Simpsons Plagarize This Site


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