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This website was designed to provide individuals with more information about our program at St.Columba Church. Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions either by the internet or by phone to Caprice Dippolito 227-9252,

The DCCH offers help to our homeless neighbors in Dutchess County through a program called Adopt-A-Night. This program provides meals, shelter and other services to 12 homeless individuals over the age of 18, 7 nights a week, 365 days a year.
The shelter which is a part of the Hillcrest House is located in the town of Poughkeepsie.
It is the only walk in overnight shelter in Dutchess County, and it completely depends on volunteers to staff the shelter and provide breakfast and dinner for the 12 guests.

HOW DOES IT WORK: Several area churches and organizations have chosen one night a month to staff the shelter and provide the meals.
St.Columba is the only church that volunteers 2 nights a month, being the first monday and the second tuesday each month.
Overnight vounteers are called upon at least one month in advance, and are needed approximately twice a year.
The volunteers who provide the meals are called upon once a year, this is due to a large number of volunteers.
On our designated nights the two overnight and two food volunteers would meet in the parking lot at St.Columba at 8 pm, the overnight volunteers would receive the food and then head up to the shelter.

The guests will arrive around 9:30 with the DCCH staff member and are instructed to shower and come for dinner.
The guest will then watch TV, read or just relax.
The volunteers will clean up after dinner and finish the laundry, the staff member remains at the shelter until 11pm, at which time the guests go to bed. The guests are waken at 6am, breakfast is prepared and served by the two overnight volunteers.
Around 6:45am the Case Worker will arrive and the volunteers can leave.

The requirements for this rewarding act is that you need to be at least 18 years of age, and you are available from 8pm to 7am the next day.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who have helped in the past with meals, and overnight stays, and especially those who coordinated these works, St.Columba has been able to provide for some of the homeless for over 7 years, I would like to do it for 7 more but I need your help, please consider being a part of this program.

Thank You,

Caprice Dippolito
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