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Alice M. Scardefield Constellation is based in Kingston, NY. Starting with one lonely member two years ago, Alice M. has grown in numbers, now having 14 members. We've also been doing a lot of fundraising for the Shriner's Hospital for Children, Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program pediactric cancer, the With Arms WIde Open Fund and nerusing homes. We've had car washes and a bake sale to make money for donations. We also do fun events on the weekends like watching movies or going to a local carnival. We're very active and travel around the state on a regular basis. We also work closely the local DeMolay Chapter in Kingston, Colonial Chapter. Four out of five Sweethearts of Colonial have also been Alice M. members. It's wonderful to have such a great group of guys helping us out!

Thank you for visiting Alice M. On-Line. We really appriciate your support for our Order. Please come again soon!

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