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I have had the Slayers Next theme in my head for only God knows how long. So I decided to post it on my page! This way, it's available for easy printing and memorization. Currently I have up the English and Japanese of the Slayers Next opening and closing themes. Sorry if there are spelling errors, I'm not all that great at typing Japanese! ^.^; Well if there are mail me and I'll fix them! Seriously! Thanx and Enjoy!

By The Way.. If you're looking for lyrics and translations to like, Japanese songs on the CDs, DO NOT TRY TO FIND THEM HERE! I don't have them. This page is mainly for my purpose, because I like to have these lyrics available for myself. Okay? OKAY!

Slayers Next Japanese Opening!

Memagurishii Jikan no Mure ga

Mashinkeru Machi wa Savanna

Mogaku you ni Nukedasu you ni

Kono chikara o Tameshitte-mitakute

Kitto Dokoka hi "Kotae" Aru

Umaretekita kotae ga

Mito wa Manna Sore o Motome

Yarusenai Nogasenai

Yume ni mukau no

Kizutsukukoto wa kowakunai

Dekedo Kesshite Tsuyonkunai

Ta do Nanimo Shinai mamo de

Kuyandari Hasshittakunai

Here we Go! Go! Hashiri Tsuzeru Mirai no Jibun e to

Give a reason for life Todoketai!

Slayers Next English Opening!

Things are moving so fast

The moments ticking by

I'm running through this city

To me, a savanna

Like it's struggling

Trying to break free..

I wanna test all this power!

I know "The Answer"

Is out there someplace.

The answer that everyone looks for

From the day they're born

When all looks lost...

I turn to my dreams!

I'm not afraid of getting hurt..

But I'm not strong, either.

It's just that I can't stand

Just doing nothing anymore!

Here we go, go! I'll just run on..

And let nobody stop me now!

I wanna find the me in the future

And give her a reason for life!

Slayers Next Japanese Closing!

Naniko ni Ayatsurareta

Jinsei nante Yume mo kibou mo nai shi

Ima no Your Life Manzoku nano

Seikimatsu ka to Omawaseru

Mainichi ni Sonaete

Sorosoro engine Kakeyou

Sabitsuiteru Joushiki

Zenbu Nugisutete

Sekaichu Uwasa ni Naritai

Kegayaku Mirai mo Te ni Iretoi

Aremo Koremo Honki no Yume

Darehitori Jama wa Sasenai

Sekaichu Uwasa ni Naritai

Tobikiri Hajiketa Sugoi Hito ni

Isshou de Ichido no break

Ijiketa jibun ni bye-bye shimasho

It's all right!

English Slayers Next Closing Theme!

Something's taken control now

Your life's hopes and dreams are gone.

Are you satisfied with your life now?

Got that tin de siechi feeling

And spend every day preparing

So let's get your engine running!

Throw off all that..

Rusty common sense!

You want to be the talk of the world!

You want to have a shining future!

That and this are your true dreams

Don't let anyone get in your way!

To be the talk of the world

Let the greatness inside burst out!

You only get one break in life

So let's say bye-bye

To your timid self!

It's all right!

You won't have to hear my singing if you go home...