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Xer0 'z Profile

name: Andre
sex: male
age: 15
hometown: Ny
current location: Long Island.
religion christian, i guess
school: Center
grade: 9
height: about 5'10
music: Rap/r&b/reggae


aiight well you guys wanted to know about me ok well i can programm (html) tech support i can make flash movie very hard i can make soem ill grafix as you can see and i can hack anyone and well almost anything if any people out their dont know what "hack" means it mean breacking itno computer systems aiight well thats Me .

shout outs:, My nigga/Cuz Joel and my young HacKer/Cuzin Deron to all my QueenZ niggaz all the "3lit3 Hackerz" (=Memberz=) all Da girlz from b-wo0d 2 queenz(south side) also my cuzinz Nigga that got me out off beeF one time FreaKy TAh (R.I.P) .