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Wild Bills Prognostications-WEEK5

BILLS            7

RAVENS     34


Ray Lewis chases J.P. Losman in the backfield for 10 minutes before finally hauling him down for a 54-yard sack. Then Lewis proudly pounds his chest and signs his autograph on Losman's jersey.


Marv slowly strolls to the podium and wipes a tear from his eye.

"This is going to be my last prognostication for awhile, hopefully my last. I hope to get the boys back to The Show soon, trying my hardest to win one for Ralph before both he and I succumb to the tides of time.

"It was fun being the GM this year, and the team did turn it around at the end of the season. But there's still a lot of work to do.

"Mental projection is the key to constructive football existence. If we don't conceive the future and superimpose a goal on the screen of forthcoming games, it would be just as well if the Bills were dead. Life is HOPE! The future is what stimulates our motivation. The symbolic image of the DEVIL is only a personal mirage. Satin is only a manifestation of our contempt towards ourselves. (Actually, I think Lucifer is really Jimmy Johnson!) There is no one we despise more than our very own entity. To free ourselves from torture, all our hates, frustrations, jealousies and disappointments, we project them onto unsuspecting subjects. They become our scapegoats for our own failures. Why blame ourselves when the whole world is available? Evil is just the transference of guilt onto another entity. One cannot be free from self contempt until he fills himself with HOPE!

"As the old prophet Ross Perot once said, 'Our commitment must be to become ONE team again. On a team, every member contributes. Only a team intent on losing tells some of its members to sit on the sidelines. We need to bring everyone off the bench and onto the field. Whatever it takes, we should do it. In the long run, it's the only way we are all going to win. Our position cannot be improved by making excuses or berating others who out compete us. Our leaders respond only by complaining. They whine and bluster. That's the response of losers.' Those are profound words spoken by Ross! They bring a tear to my eye." 

With that, Marv rolls out his Hammond organ, and plays "We are Family" as the players dance and frolic around the locker room.

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