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Thursday, September 05, 2002
Holy fuck, it's a weirdness update.

The Gallery. Weird images and crap, from the guy who brought you (and then, unfortunately, took away) the Dubya Girls.

The Art Car Museum. The official website of the actress, who probably speaks to fairies. And we don't mean the cute Tori Amos way. We mean the hardcore floral print faerie worship, bitch.

CHICKEN BOY. Too tall to live, too weird to die.

Okay, kiddies. For just $2.50 a question, who wants to ask the experts, "Does God exist? Is Yassir Arafat gay? And where is my red sock, you know, the one I stole from Christie in second grade?"

Project Mouse.

The End of the Internet. Who knows what the fuck it is. Some sort of advertising trap, I think.

Sunday, May 26, 2002
Apologizes for the hiatus -- there hasn't been much to report on the weirdness front lately.
Well, the internet weirdness front. All sorts of weird shit has been happening in real life. Quack.

Red Meat, if you've never seen it before. Brilliant stuff. I want Bug-Eyed Earl. Interpret that any way you want.

Sweet, sweet addiction. Thank you, Reverend Rolfe.

Stick-figure-fighting sites. Surely I've linked these before? 1, 2.

"Why aren't YOU gluing things to YOUR car???"

Fun with MP3 sharing - I swear to God I've really seen these on KaZaa and Gnutella:
1) Blues Traveler featuring Tori Amos - Blue Skies - Electronica
2) Diff'rent Strokes - Theme Song - Gothic Rock

And another song in French! These are the lyrics to La Danse des Canards, which is the chicken dance with accordians, sung in French.
C'est la danse des canards
Qui en sortant de la mare
Se secouent le bas des reins
Et font coin-coin
Fait's comme les petits canards
Et pour que tout l'monde se marre
Remuez le popotin
En f'sant coin-coin
It's the ducks' dance
When they come out of the pond
They shake their tails
And go "quack-quack"
Do like the little ducks
And give everyone a good laugh.
Wiggle your bottom
And go "quack-quack"
And yes, there are more lyrics. Sadly.

Monday, March 18, 2002
It's the (almost) one-year anniversary of the Week. Hurrah. Ironically enough, most of this entry is recycled stuff from the Brunching UBB.

Scary hobbitses. Does this freak anyone else out?

Speaking of hobbits: The Secret Diaries of Cassandra Claire. Everyone's seen this already, but that's alright - they're worth rereading anyway.

One final LOTR-related thing: I saw Ian McKellan on Saturday Night Live two nights ago. My phone conversation at the time: "AAAaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaugh Gandalf is dancing to Kylie Minogue! AAAaAAAaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaAAaugh Gandalf is in drag and he just kissed Jimmy Fallon! AAaaaAAgh!"
This is why I should not watch late night tv.

Hot chicks. "Yo, I know how to treat my girl right. I always show her the same respect I want to get back from her. I never ask her to swallow my spunk until I go down on her first. It's just common courtesy."

Saturday, February 16, 2002

From Attack suspect injured by horse in RHE and Scientists Find Jurassic Age Dinosaur Vomit.

Screen captures of scholarships: 1, 2.

Oh, how I adore capitalism (Credit: MCD).

From my bookmarks: #spinnwebe logs.

I use Morpheus as a file-sharing program. I think I set my shared file directories incorrectly, because some poor soul looking for pictures of snowmen was able to accidentally download this from an archive of the Brink on my computer. Hee.

Monday, January 21, 2002
From a presentation during government about the Family Research Council:
- Student: "It's not like they're anti-female..."
- Teacher: "They're just pro-females-in-their-place."
Sometimes I really love that teacher.

More Shockwave-enabled weirdness: Windows Really Good Edition (Credit: Carbonaria).

Another error page: The page cannot be fucking displayed.

The Insanity Test (Credit: Brunching UBB)

Belatedly, these are some of the lyrics from the French version of "Jingle Bells":
Vive le vent, vive le vent
Vive le vent d'hiver.
Boule de neige, et petits enfants
Bonne année, grand-mère!
Long live the wind, long live the wind
Long live the wind of winter.
Snowball, and small children
Happy new year, grandma!

Sunday, January 06, 2002
There is a sequel to the Mittens/Snowdrop animation.

Another peculiar Shockwave animation. (Credit: Carbonaria)

The Jumping Cat, by Craig Mitchell. (Credit: Kia)

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