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Kia received this email from a friend, accompanied by the following survey.

It is interrogation time! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. I am currently out of my mind, and, therefore, I've really been thinking for the first time. And I want to know some things. So I shall ask! (also attributed to some random-ass survey found someplace on the world wide web, but some of it is of my own creation ;-)


1) If you were to have unusually long nose hairs, what method of hair removal would you use?

2) Can I have a kidney? please?

3) If someone were to pee in a mailbox, would the mail police be able to track me...err, "that particular person" down?

4) Have you ever eaten a live duck? or anything live, for that matter?

5) I have an ugly friend named Riz, what should I do? He's from Paris, too...such a shame...

6) What would you do if you woke up naked, in the basement, with your head stapled to the carpet? Just wondering...

7) What purpose do penquins serve? Honestly...

8) Have you ever slaughtered a muffin? hmm?

9) Are (have been) you obsessed with how short Richard Simmons' shorts are? I am.

10) Describe your most memorable experience involving cows ("tipping" is acceptable, but not really too funny =():

11) Does this statement make sense to you, and, if so, tell me why:

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