Kia on the English Language

--You know, the word "coward" is a pretty boring word. He's scared, he runs off... boooring.
...But if you take off the "ard", you come up with "cow": truly a bovine creature of excellence! Mooooooo.

You know, the word "fish" is a pretty boring word. There's just one of them. The fish swims, it does this.... booooring.

...But if you do absolutely nothing to change it, you come up with "fish": connotating a swarm of little scaley, aquatic creatures! The fish swim! The fish attack! It's got NUMBERS, man!

--You know, the word "going" is a pretty boring word...
...But if you put an "oin" before the first g, and switch the original "i" and "o" around, you come up with "oingiong," a fantastic nonsensical word that means absolutely nothing!

You know, the word "Luftflotte" is a pretty boring word. It only means "Air Fleet" in German .... booooring.
...But if you take off the "flotte" and add "waffe", you come up with Luftwaffe: Air Weapon! How awesome! The Luftwaffe was essential to many German victories in World War II. The fact that Hitler foolishly decided to use it as an offensive "Weapon" even when the Allies were at the Rhine River is irrelevant. The fact that the Luftwaffe got totally screwed in the Battle of Britain, and again over Crete, is also irrelevant. Heck, the fact that the Luftwaffe lost 62,500 planes isn't important. What is important is that the "Air Weapon" sounds so cool!
--Herr Rolfe
**Note from the Moderator**
Let it be known that I tried to tell them... technically, neither "Luftflotte" nor "Luftwaffe" are English words, and it
is Kia on the English language. But no.... no one would heed the warning of Kia the Great. Now you must suffer, mortals.
Moderator, signing out

You know, the word read is very, very boring. in I will read the book. But if you do absolutely nothing to the in becomes pretty interesting--I think the book is an excellent read.
--The Aged P

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Each entry shoud start with:
-- "You know, the word "(insert word here)" is a pretty boring word. (optional explanation followed by "... booooring").
"...But if you (insert adding, subtracting, changing and/or switching certain letters), you come up with "(insert new word here)": (explanation of why this is a better word)!

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