Save the Dandelions!!

Hello. We are the segment of the International Dandelion Preservation Society dedicated to spreading the word about dandelion abuse. Too often, these beautiful and useful flowers are dismissed as weeds and plucked, trampled, or just exterminated. Too often, they are plucked by some young child and then thrown away. Too often, they are used as fodder for animals, such as hamsters or guinea pigs. Too often, they are dismissed as weeds and not awarded their proper place as a lovely flower. It is due to this horrible mistreatment of an otherwise lovely flower that our association came into being. We are all extremly dedicated to our cause and confident that many will join us as the word is spread about the fight against dandelion abuse. To donate money, ask for advice, or perhaps just recommend an alternate noxious background color for this site, write to us at:

The International Dandelion Preservation Society, c/o