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What Were they Thinking?!

"Fun for the whole family!"

Below are three consecutive photos taken by Kia, MCD and Janet. At the bottom of the page, vote on what you think is happening in the pictures. Don't forget to view the results at the bottom of the page!

Have fun, kids! And remember... don't try this at home!

"it looks like duck bondage" -Herr Rolfe

"the ducky is in a dungeon, and then another ducky comes in, and he thinks he's a good ducky, but it's really an evil ducky, working for the evil dungeon dictator, and then he goes and abuses the first ducky, who really just wanted a chocolate shake " -Anonymous

"I don't know... but I'm pretty sure that, whatever it is, it involves virgin sacrifice" -Anonymous

"the first duck exploded and then rematerialized" -Amy

"...Yeah, I'd have to go with duck bondage-- minus the piercings and leather and what-have-you." -Kia

"some buff guy was trying to lift some cinderblocks, but he was a WUSS so his girlfriend KICKED him off and the chains he was trying to lift the blocks with BROKE! then she leted them woth one finger" -Chuckles

"...te first ducky was good then the second ducky, who was secretly the devil came to abuse him, but then the accidently freed him while abusing him" -Empress of the Wolves

"Heh. I just like the phrase "duckie bondage." --MCD

"I said nothing about 'duckie bondage', MCD. That's just disgusting. I specifically said 'duck bondage'" -Herr Rolfe

"I'm allowed to add an "ie" to the ends of words if I want to, thank you very much!" --MCD

"I'd say ducky bondage." --Luna

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